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... only by having no inessential words
can every essential word be made to count.
— Diana Athill

Before Contacting Me

Please see the list of computer software programs I work with, if you don't use Microsoft Word. 

Send me your

  • name and title,
  • email address,
  • and the name of your university or business.

Include the following:

  • details about what you need,
  • a brief description,
  • your deadline,
  • and how you heard of me.

Be sure to indicate in the Subject Line of your email that it is in regard to editing or writing, as I do not open emails that do not include a clear and specific Subject Heading!

My Address

To reduce the amount of spam I receive,
I have separated my address, which follows, into chunks. 

Join them (with no spaces).

1.    Start with editandwrite  

2.    Join this with @ to gmail

3.    Add a period "."

4.    Add com   

5.         Do not attach any files in the first email, please.

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