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If you think I have mistakenly credited any of the photos, please get in touch. Any photos which seem to be 'uncredited' have been taken by me or my wife, Janie.
I prefer, for the sake of convenience, to acknowledge who has written what by using the author's name as I quote his/her work. The origins of these quotes can then be easily traced by referring to the Bibliography.
On going through the original text of Ed's eBook on my website I realise that there are many errors which escaped me on my original run through. It's amazing that what seemed to make perfect sense to me then can sometimes turn out to be almost incomprehensible to the reader now! Also there are many repetitions of words and phrases that need to be changed and other stylistic faux pas. However, I'm just going to leave them standing on my website for the present - maybe forever - and concentrate on producing a cleaned up version for possible publication. 

Tales from the Western Front is being released in paperback format in August 2017 and will be available through Amazon and  bookshops.

Meanwhile please keep in touch at ed@eandjdixon. Your input is most welcome.