(i) Rose E.B. Coombs -  Before Endeavours Fade, (After the Battle Publications, 2006 Edition)
          This was the first of the 'modern' guides to the Great War battlefields as they are today. It is regularly updated and is excellent.
    (ii) Tonie and Valmai Holt - Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide to the Somme, (Pen & Sword, 1996)
                                                        Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide to the Ypres Salient, (Pen & Sword, 1997)
                                                        Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide to the Western Front - North, (Pen & Sword, 2004)
                                                        Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide to the Western Front - South, (Pen & Sword, 2005)
    All four of the Holts' books are readily obtainable and I can't emphasise too strongly just how essential they are. I would guess that they're unsurpassable in their field.
    I shall be referring to the five books above throughout this work and shall indicate their specific use as appropriate in the text rather than in the
    bibliography to each chapter.
    (iii) Lieut.-Col. T.A. Lowe - The Western Battlefields, (Gale & Polden, 1920)
    (iv) Michael Scott - The Ypres Salient, A Guide To The Cemeteries And Memorials Of The Salient, (Gliddon Books, 1992)
    Chapter 2
    John Buchan - These For Remembrance, (Buchan & Enright Publishers, 1987). Facsimile edition of volume originally printed privately in 1919.
    Andrew Lownie -  John Buchan - The Presbyterian Cavalier, (Constable, 1995)
    Chapter 3
    John Reed -  Operation Jericho - The Amiens Raid, (After the Battle Magazine # 2, 1980)
    Chapter 4
    David Clarke -  The Angel of Mons, (John Wiley & Sons Limited, 2005). A very fine demonstration of the power of myth over truth and therefore extremely relevant to  
    understanding the John Lauder conundrum.
    Renee Forsyth -Memories of Dunoon & Cowal, (Argyll Publishing, 2005)
    Tonie and Valmai Holt - My Boy Jack, (Pen & Sword, 1998). Another outstanding piece of work by the Holts about the search by Rudyard Kipling for his son's
    last resting place.
    Gordon Irving -  The Good Auld Days, (Jupiter, 1977)
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    Chapter 5
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   Chapter 6
    Toni and Valmai Holt - Violets From Oversea, (Pen & Sword, 1996)
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   Chapter 7
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   Chapter 8
    Julie Roberts - Remembering Fromelles, (CWGC, 2010)
   Chapter 9
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                              For Valour, The Air VCs, (Caxton, 2002)
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   Colin Pengelly - Albert Ball VC, (Pen & Sword, 2010)
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    Chapter 10
    Terence Rattigan - The Winslow Boy, (Nick Hern Books, 1999 edition)
    Chapter 11
    Various Authors - Trails To The Bow: Carseland and Cheadle Chronicles, (University of Calgary, 1980)
     Chapter 12
     David Harvey - Monuments to Courage, (Kevin & Kay Patience, 1999)
     Chapter 13
    Dominiek Dendooven  - The Menin Gate & Last Post , (DeKlaproos, 2005)
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    Chapter 14

    Trefor Jones - On Fame's Eternal Camping Ground, (Self Published, 2007)
    Geoff Archer - The Glorious Dead, (Frontier Publishing, 2009)
    David Crane - Empires of the Dead, (William Collins, 2013)
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    Ann Clayton - Chavasse Double VC, (Pen & Sword, 2003)
    Michael Grundy - A Fiery Glow in the Darkness, (Osborne Heritage, 1997)
     Chapter 4
    The Glasgow Herald
     January 2, 1917 - Original report on John Lauder's death
     May 11, 18, 19, 21, 1976 - The Diary Column
     January 14, 1986 - The Diary Column
     The Sunday Post
     December 5, 1926 - Article, 'Looking Back' by Lady Lauder
     The Daily Record
     October 28, 1977 - Article, 'A Story To Touch The Heart'
     Chapter 5
     The Edmonton Journal
     April 1, 1989 - Article by Bob Gilmour
     October 3, 2004 - Article by Jim Farrell
    Chapter 7
    The Glasgow Herald
    September 13, 1968 - Article by S.L. McKinlay
    The Scotsman
    Various Articles (credited to 'Our Golf Correspondent')
    1921 - 1926 - 1927 - 1928 - 1929 - 1930 - 1931 - 1933 - 1938
    The Scotsman
    Articles specifically credited -
    Frank Moran - August 30, 1963 and October 10, 1968
    Norman Mair - December 12, 1977
    Scotland On Sunday
    Tom English - America's Love Affair with the Silver Scot - June 10, 2007
    The Weekly Record
    Love on the Links - February 5, 1921
    Chapter 9
    The Lenton Listener (Lenton Community Association Magazine)
    Issue #14 - September/October, 1981
    Chapter 12
    The Alloa Advertiser - 1915-16-19
    The Alloa Journal - 1915-16. Plus very important article in issue dated January 27, 1956
    Chapter 13
    Flanders Today - May 25, 2011. 'De Clerck in talks after amnesty remarks'
     Chapter 4
     Personal Diary of Hugh Adam Munro, Lieutenant, 1/8 A&SH, Regimental Museum, Stirling Castle
     The Regimental Diary of the 1/8 A&SH, Regimental Museum, Stirling Castle
     Letter to Mrs E. Lauder Hamilton (Niece of Harry Lauder) from the Ministry of Defence, March 30, 1987
    Chapter 7
    Marriage Certificate of George and Martha Armour, 1880
    Birth Certificate of Thomas Dickson Armour, 1896
    Death Certificate of George Armour, 1900
    Young versus Armour (Court Proceedings, February 15, 1921)
    1901 Census
    Tommy Armour's Service Record, 1915-1917 (The following years are, I assume, in the 'Burnt Files', since they are not available)
    Proceedings of a Medical Board (Army Form A.45), April 2, 1919
    Personal Letter from Tommy Armour to the War Office, December 7, 1918
    Medal Card for Thomas Dickson Armour, Decenber 6, 1918
    Chapter 9
    The Albert Ball Files, Street Directories etc.
    Chapter 12
    Programme for play 'Lie of the Land' by Gerry Docherty, 2006
    The Canon Lummis File, IWM
    1901 Census
    1911 Census
    McDermond Discharge Papers - The National Archives, London
    McDermond File, Queen's Lancashire Regiment Museum, Fulford Barracks, Preston
    The London Gazette - Citations for all four VCs
    Tillicoultry Town Council Minute Book - Entries for December 8, 1915 and December 12, 1915 re Pollock and Dawson respectively - Clackmannanshire Archives
    Royal Observer Corps Association - Article about Pollock, VC by Lawrence Holmes from '10 Group Newsletter'
     Chapter 4  This was of great help, especially in the illustration department  Biographical notes on Sir Harry Lauder by Gregory Lauder-Frost (Great Nephew)
    Wikipedia - Jack House
    Chapter 7
    American National Biography Online
    World Golf Hall of Fame
   Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Wikipedia entries on 'The Winslow Boy', Terence Rattigan and George Archer-Shee - Movie review by Edwin Jahiel
    Chapter 11
    Wikipedia entries on Alex Decoteau and Tom Longboat.
    'Native Soldiers, Foreign Fields'' - Veteran Affairs Canada, 1996 - This, the Naval History and Heritage Command website, presents 'Native Americans and the Military' by Roger Bucholz, William Fields and  
    Ursula P. Roach - Alex Wuttunee Decoteau - Biography - Alex Decoteau - Biography (Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online) - Edmonton, A City Called Home - Memories
    N.B. This is THE source on Alex as it contains a contribution by Izola Mottershead, his niece, the principal authority on the subject. - Here, via YouTube, is a very moving short animation about Alex - Information on the Alex Decoteau Run at Passchendaele, Belgium - Tom Longboat : A Notable Indian Athlete (Article by Louise Cuthand)
    Chapter 12
     Wikipedia entries for all four VCs - Grave locations of VCs
     Chapter 4
    Low Parks Museum, Hamilton - Harry Lauder Exhibition, September 2007-April 2008
     Saltire TV Productions - 'Something About Harry'
     Jack House - Harry Lauder, The Man Who Made The Scotch Comic. (Play presented at The Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow, from May 11 to 17, 1976). Despite a diligent search
     through the records of the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Scotland not a trace has been found. It certainly stirred up some fun though!
    Chapter 10
    'The Winslow Boy' - Film/dvd, 1999. Adapted from Rattigan and directed by David Mamet.