E.Vids: Emotion eliciting social videos

This set of video clips intends to complement the widely used face pictures sets and dynamic face sets with a

articular emphasis on emotion elicitation. Actors on these videos display serveral socially approving and disapproving sentences. The language is German. Eight socially approving ("You are wonderful"), eight disapproving ("I hate you", "you are disgusting!") and eight neutral sentences ("its four o'clock") are expressed on 3-sec videos clips by 10 male and 10 female actors.

A validation study is published in German. pdf.

An English translation is available: pdf.

Here are a few examples:

- Neutral sentence 1 ("I have lost my keys")

- Positive sentence 1 ("You are wonderful")

Full list of sentences can be found below.

First analyses confirm that E.Vids reliably trigger a plausible pattern of neural structures and psychophysiological responding. Also late event related potentials show emotion effects.

Please contact Jens Blechert if you are interested in using E.Vids for your research.