easy gui for bash...


is a posix Bash functions library 
for *BSD and GNU/Linux
that aims to give simple GUI functions
 yad, gtkdialog, kdialog, zenity, Xdialog, (c)dialog, whiptail or bash builtins
 depending on KDE or GNOME running or not,
Yad/Gtkdialog/Xdialog installed or not and, 
 X server running or not.

So, if bash programmer writes:
"message 'Thanks for using this program' "
 he has not to concern
in which
environment his program runs,
and which dialog is more appropriate. 

Obviously, if user has KDE or GNOME,
or gtkdialog/Xdialog also installed
( and he's in a X session or not )
 program will have "a different look"...
 but logical flow still remains *exactly* the same. 

Bash!KaraokeEasyDM or LXDE Menu Manager
is an idea of what
you can achieve with this library...
( you would take a look at my scripts page here, also... )

If you want something similar for the web,
please, take a look at EasyBashWEB (http://sites.google.com/site/easybashweb)
EasyBashWEB aims to be for Web what EasybashGUI is for local machine.

This to make bash programmer life... easy !
             Vittorio Cagnetta  

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