Eastgate Cooperative Preschool - Play-based Learning In Bellevue

Eastgate Cooperative Preschool was established in its current location in 1965 and is affiliated with the Bellevue College Parent Education Program.

At Eastgate Co-op Preschool in Bellevue, WA, kids learn through fun 

interactive play, hands-on exploration and self-directed discoveries. Parents volunteer

in the classroom and attend parent education sessions on discipline, development, and 

early learning. Our preschool is more than a learning environment - it is a family.

Come learn and grow with us!

Preschool Location: 15318 SE Newport Way, Bellevue, WA 98006

“My child and I made friends at ECP that we will keep forever.  I was amazed at how my child developed in the 

play-based curriculum.  His ability to

communicate, read, solve problems, and face challenges (academic, social, or emotional) have been magnified greatly."

-Co-op parent

"I learned valuable parenting ideas from the Parent Ed classes each month.  I always left with a renewed strength, determination and excitement, and felt that I was better equipped with new knowledge and skills to be a better mom."

-Co-op parent

"For me, it’s the community you build.  It’s invaluable to have open discussions about parenting issues with other parents while your children are learning through play and bonding with their peers." 

-Co-op parent