Current reproduction projects are listed individually below.  If you seek a reproduction of an existing wood part,
or fabrication of new part please contact using the form below.

 Current Reproductions Available.         
        Item Description (notes)          Photo (Coming Soon) Availability / Cost
Model A 2nd and 3rd Seat Feet - In Cast IRON  Call For Price!
Model A - 1937 ford Rear Tailgate latch    -Silicon Bronze  Call For Price! (outer cast part ONLY at this time)
1935 - 1936 Ford Rear corner brackets. - Fabricated steel 
            C.N.C. cut to original pattern 
   Call For Price!
1940 Deluxe  Rear corner brackets. - Fabricated steel 
C.N.C. cut to original pattern 
   Call For Price!
 1935 - 1937  Ford 3rd Row Seat Feet    Call For Price!
 1935 - 1940 FORD Woodie ONLY Front Door Hinges  -Silicon Bronze   Call For Price!        
 1935 - 1948 Ford Woodie Rain Gutters.           Coming soon.