East Cambridgeshire
Neighbourhood Watch Association

This website exists to publicize all matters relating to Neighbourhood Watch in East Cambs. It is intended to be a means of communication to Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators and other interested persons, to advertise events, to alert readers to local crime issues and to assist the police.
     Neighbourhood Watch has the full backing of the Home Office,
the Police and  the Local Government Association.
       Neighbourhood Watch Purpose Statement

 Neighbourhood and Home Watch exists to:

·       Prevent crime, and the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour

·       Reassure local residents, and reduce the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour

·       Reduce the incidence of domestic fires and environmental damage to  residential property

·       Encourage neighbourliness and community cohesion

·       Improve the quality of life for local residents and tenants.                                  
It will do this by:
  • Being a community based organization, involving residents and tenants who are working together
  • Working in partnership with the police, local authorities and other agencies to reduce crime and disorder
  • Sharing information and advice with the police and other agencies concerning crime and other incidents.

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