East Cambridgeshire
Neighbourhood Watch Association

     Neighbourhood Watch has the full backing of the Home Office,
the Police and  the Local Government Association.
       Neighbourhood Watch Purpose Statement

 Neighbourhood Watch exists to:

·       Prevent crime, and the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour

·       Reassure local residents, and reduce the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour

·       Reduce the incidence of domestic fires and environmental damage to  residential property

·       Encourage neighbourliness and community cohesion

·       Improve the quality of life for local residents and tenants.                                  
It will do this by:
  • Being a community based organisation, involving residents and tenants who are working together
  • Working in partnership with the police, local authorities and other agencies to reduce crime and disorder
  • Sharing information and advice with the police and other agencies concerning crime and other incidents.