Earplugs By Post from Lucy Dell

We  specialise in earplugs and stock over 60 different types of earplug: different materials, different sizes, different shapes, different colours, corded and non-corded. 

We have supplied earplugs to industry, motorcyclists, music concert goers and to those just wanting a good night's sleep.

Images of the different plugs can be seen on our Gallery page.

Our Price List covers the majority of plugs but we also have some banded products - email for details.

Our most popular product is our TestPack-20 - twenty different pairs of FOAM earplugs: different sizes,  different shapes and different textures to help you find a plug that works for you - in YOUR ears! More information can be found on our Price List. The TestPack-20 is £9.95 including UK delivery , or £10.95 if you prefer first class post. 

If you don't like earplugs that need to be rolled up before being inserted, you might prefer our PushPack-10 - ten different pairs of foam or foam-headed plugs that are pushed in without being rolled up. £11.95 including UK delivery. More information can be found on our Price List.

Or, if you prefer long-life push-in washable plugs, our RubberPack-10 might be what you're looking for: ten different pairs for £17.50 including UK delivery. More information can be found on our Price List.

If you can't see the plug you want on the price list, please email us (see below for our email address) as we have some stocks of several other plugs, or we might be able to suggest an alternative.

We also stock Carryboxes for earplugs, plus a small range of earmuff defenders, 'banded' products and a few types of 'detectable' plugs.

How to order: 

For our popular TestPack, PushPack and RubberPack see our 'Buy Online' page. 

For other plugs please email your order, name and address to us (email address at the bottom of this page). We will then email an invoice to you, which you can pay securely online, using a credit , debit card or  GooglePay.