Sansa e200 ReverseBL

Reverse Bootloader

I built a reverse bootloader that will boot the original firmware by default and boot Rockbox if you hold the select key. This is backwards from the default Rockbox bootloader. It is tested and functional on an actual Sansa e260. You can download it below.


    • Download the ReverseBL below. Save to Desktop.
    • Download sansapatcher. Save to Desktop.
    • Get a terminal. This is done by going to Start->Run and typing "cmd".
    • Go to your desktop in the terminal. "cd Desktop" does this.
    • Run "sansapatcher.exe -a ReverseBL<date>.mi4" in the terminal.
    • Reboot your player to update the bootloader.

e200R Installation

    • This is provided for you because it should work; I don't have an e200 so I can't test it.
    • Follow the instructions at SansaE200RInstallation, but when it tells you to put pp5022.mi4 on the root of your player, replace that with my bootloader mi4. You still need to rename it to pp5022.mi4.


Version 2.2 - 2007-12-14


Version 2.2 e200R - 2007-12-14

R series players only. Follow instructions above.


Version 2.2 Source Patch

For use with rockbox SVN source to build your own.



Version 2.2, 2007-12-14

    • Updated to current SVN, which fixes some things including screen glitch fix
    • Basically had to re-code it since only half of the patch was applying, new patch is out now.
    • Added e200R mi4

Version 2.1, 2007-07-31

    • Fixed sansapatcher bug, now works correctly with sansapatcher and supports OF on the hidden partition.

Version 2.0, 2007-07-28

    • Complete re-code based on fresh SVN
    • SVN includes hidden partition dump with up button
    • Sansapatcher instructions added
    • Patch link added

Version 1.1 - 4/27/07

    • Fixed USB Booting Bug. Now boots properly when plugged into USB.

Copyright (c) 2007 Mike Kasberg.