Sansa e200 digibuild

by digerati1338 


Stability, Eye-Candy, Extras 


This is a custom Rockbox build for the SanDisk Sansa e200.  I build it mainly for myself, but thought I would release it since there don't seem to be very many builds out right now.  I'm trying to make a stable build that includes icons, fonts, and themes.  I sync it with SVN whenever there are significant changes that make an update practical.  If you like it, show your support by getting involved with the Rockbox project.


Currently Included Patches 

Included Extras


  • RettumPodv2 (Album Art, Default)
  • KratoJetVP - Viewports theme 
  • KratoGlass (Album Art) 
  • Leafy
  • Ocean
  • Passion 
  • Ajant Orange 
  • Energon Blue
  • Sector
  • Wisp 

Font Package

  • All Rockbox fonts 

Icon Set Pack  

  • Color Icon Sets 


Just unzip the folder to your player's root.

If it's your first time installing Rockbox, you'll need to get the bootloader with sansapatcher as well.  Go to and look at the Sansa e200 manual.

The Video and Photo menus require you to create new folders on your players root called "videos" and "photos" to use the menus.


Please try the mirror first!

Version 2007-12-25

Mirror1 -

Linux Simulator

Windows Simulator

I plan on getting one out, but it isn't built yet.  In the mean time, you could use live ubuntu.



  • Viewports patch updated
  • Mpegplayer updates in SVN 


  • Viewports patch FS#8385 included
  • KratoJet WPS with viewports support added
  • SVN synced; don't think there were any important changes.


  • Pictureflow upgrades in SVN
  • Random Album Patch committed
  • Incompatible themes removed from build


  • RettumPodv2 Theme Issue fixed. 


  • Removed a lot of unnecessary junk.  There have been a lot of changes in SVN and I'm going for stability here.  I'd rather make sure my build doesn't get weird errors than have every single patch available.
  • Album Art committed to SVN.  BMP resize should work.  Not sure if it will work with pictureflow or not.
  • I recommend upgrading to this build.  The other ones are way out of date. 


  • Added custom database config file
  • Added some themes 
  • Removed many patches - mostly added to svn
  • Added playlist folder patch
  • Added Scrolling margins 
  • All patches updated to latest version


  • Black Screen issues fixed
  • Some patches removed to quickly fix black screen problem, will be included again soon.  Album art still works. 


  • Scrolling Margins causing problems; temporarily removed.  Some themes may not work right.
  • ReSync with SVN. 


  • Video and Photo added to re-arranged menu
  • Scrolling margins added again
  • RettumPack works again 


  • Custom Main Menu re-ordering (video/photo menu will hopefully be in next build, i will need to do a custom version of that).
  • iPhone WPS removed (IMHO not worth all the trouble).
  • iPhone patches removed (custom list, custom x/y and line color, multifont, y margin, 512 WPS images)
  • Added Pong Upgrade patch
  • Added Sansa Calendar Patch 


  • Just fixing the startup image. 


  • iPhone patches finally added (thanks chrisjs)
  • 512 wps image patch added
  •  ymargin patch added
  • mpegplayer seek/resume patch added
  • iPhone WPS added


  • Scrollwheel acceleration accepted in SVN
  • Rockboy sound fix in SVN
  • Screen glitch fix patch added (FS#7438)
  • Plugin Backlight patch added (FS#4988) 


  • There may have been some problems with WPS on the last few builds, these should be fixed.
  • Iphone WPS removed until patches are synced
  • Random Album patch updated 


  • Scrolling Margins back in sync
  • Iphone WPS added.  This requires some patches that are currently out of sync, so your mileage may vary, but it should be completely working soon.
  • Numerous SVN updates. 


  • Scrolling Margins still out of sync
  • LCD Fade Added
  • WMA Improvements in SVN 


  • Scrolling Margins out of sync, BlackGlass and RettumPack wont work
  • WMA improvements in SVN 


  • Added Custom RettumPodv2 Theme
  • WMA support in SVN :) 


  • SD Card Support in SVN 


  • Added RettumPackAA Theme Pack 


  • Added Scrolling Margins patch so BlackGlass theme (awesome, btw) actually works.
  • Rockboy updates in SVN. 


  • Added BlackGlass Theme (actually several themes with diffenent backgrounds, but all on blackglass interface) 


  • SVN
    • Audio Stream speed increased 
    • Radio committed
    • Recording committed
  • Radio patch FS#7178 removed due to commit 


  • Random Album FS#6960 added 
  • Video Menu FS#6988 added
  • Audio API FS#7138 removed permanently, no longer needed
  • Scrollwheel FS#6913 removed, in SVN
  • Andi Vinyl FS#6908 removed, no longer needed
  • Radio Patch FS#7178 out of sync


  • Audio API FS#7138 temporarily removed due to out-of-sync
  • FM Tuner FS#7178 added.  Just to see how it works.