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The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
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The Academy of Natural Sciences
The February meeting of the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday evening February 25. Again, due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, it will be held on the internet platform, Zoom. Members may attend via laptop or desktop computer, iPad, cell phone, etc. Information to access this meeting will be provided by email a day or two in advance. 

Our speaker this month will be Dr Steven E Jasinski, paleontologist and zoologist currently leading the Section of Paleontology and Geology at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, PA.  Dr Jasinski grew up in Glen Rock, PA and received his Bachelor of Science degree at Penn State University in Geobiology. His Masters studies were completed at East Tennessee University focusing on Cenozoic turtle evolution. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on theropod dinosaurs and turtle evolution. 

Dr Jasinski’s presentation will be entitled;  Pennsylvania and the Age of Dinosaurs: What we know and what we hope to learn. Pennsylvania has a long geologic history, with fossil evidence helping us understand what life was like throughout its geologic past. However, not all rock records are created equal, and Pennsylvania has a distinctly smaller rock record representing the Mesozoic Era and the Age of Dinosaurs than it does for the Paleozoic Era and earlier. While we know Pennsylvania had dinosaurs, direct evidence of them, bony fossils, is completely lacking. Through trace fossils and indirect evidence though we can still get an idea of their identities and other information about them. Part of this comes from studying the rocks and geology from the Mesozoic in Pennsylvania. This can help us learn about dinosaurs and other inhabitants, particularly about their ecosystems and the environments they occupied. Correlating this information can help us to understand more about Pennsylvania during the Age of Dinosaurs and provide tantalizing clues that may allow us to one day find that direct evidence, in the form of the fossil bones that we have been lacking of Pennsylvania’s dinosaurs.

Due to the Coronavirus, The Academy of Natural Sciences is closed.  

In case of inclement weather or for directions, check the website at: www.ansp.org or call 215-299-1000 Academy of Natural Science Main Desk (during normal business hours) or 215-299-1019 (19th Street Entrance Desk after hours) or use your best judgement.

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