Recent/Upcoming Presentations

Chacón, Dustin A. 2020. Inactive gap formation: An ERP study on the processing of extraction from adjunct clauses. Linguistic Society of America 94.

Coltz, Jonathan, Dusti A. Chacón, Brian Reese. 2019. Obligatory particles trigger presuppositions in Hurford conditionals. Experimental Pragmatics in Italy Conference ( 3.

James, Ariel N., Dustin A. Chacón. 2019. Resumption and individual differences in acceptability judgments and working memory. Psychonomics 60.

Articles, books, & chapters

Chacón, Dustin A. 2018. Acceptability (and other) experiments for studying comparative syntax, in Grant Goodall (ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Syntax. To appear. [draft]

Chacón, Dustin A. 2018. Minding The Gap?: Mechanisms Underlying Resumption in English. Under Review. [draft]

Chacón, Dustin A. 2018. Default is Different: Structure Building and Retrieval in Agreement Processes. Submitted. [draft]

Chacón, Dustin A., Michael Fetters, Margaret Kandel, Eric Pelzl, and Colin Phillips. 2018. Indirect learning and the that-trace effect. Ms. [available on request]

Chacón, Dustin A., Shota Momma, and Colin Phillips. 2016. Linguistic representations and memory architectures: The devil is in the details. Brain and Behavioral Sciences. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A., Mashrur Imtiaz, Shirsho Dasgupta, Sikder Monoare Murshed, Mina Dan, and Colin Phillips. 2016. Locality and active dependency formation in Bangla. Frontiers in Psychology. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A. 2015. Comparative Psychosyntax. PhD Thesis, University of Maryland. [link]

Conners, Thomas J., Dustin A. Chacón. 2015. Syntax, in David (2015).

David, Anne Boyle. 2015. Descriptive Grammar of Bangla, eds. Thomas J. Conners and Dustin A. Chacón. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A. 2011. Head movement in the Bangla DP. Journal of South Asian Linguistics 4(1), pp. 3–25. [link]

Pakhomov, Serguei V.S., Jeanette Gundel, Dustin Chacón, and Mark Wicklund. 2010. Computerized assessment of syntactic complexity in Alzheimer's Disease: A case study of Iris Murdoch's writings. Behavior Research Methods 43(1), pp. 136–144. [link]

Pakhomov, Serguei V.S., Glenn Smith, Dustin Chacón, Yara Feliciano, Neill Graff-Radford, Richard Casselli, and David S. Knopman. 2010. Computerized analysis of speech and language to identify psycholinguistic correlates of frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology 23(3), pp. 165–177. [link]


Kraft, Austin, Jon Coltz, Dustin A Chacón. Testing the Real-Time Status of Covert Movement of Wh-operators and QPs in English. Proceedings of the 37th Chicago Linguistics Society. To appear. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A. 2018. How To Make a Pronoun Resumptive. To appear. [draft]

Kohrt, Annika, Trey Sorensen, Dustin A. Chacón. 2018, to be submitted. The real-time status of semantic exceptions to the adjunct island constraint. To appear.. [draft]

Zhang, Borui, Dustin A. Chacón. 2018. Embedding, Covert Movement, and Intervention in Kathmandu Newari. Proceedings of the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. [link]

LaTerza, Chris, Dustin Chacón, Jen Johnson, Ruth Kramer, and Morgan Rood. 2014. Plural shifted indexicals are plural: Evidence from Amharic. Proceedings of NELS 44(2), pp. 259–270. [link]

Chacón, Dustin A., Jen Johnson, Ruth Kramer, Chris LaTerza, Morgan Rood. 2013. New Puzzles for Shifting Indexical: An Amharic Case Study. Proceedings of ACAL 44, pp. 158–164. [link]


(These are the posters that have not been superseded by publications)

Christensen, Mary, Dustin A. Chacón. Determining obligatory in Spanish WH-extraction. Poster presented at CUNY 31. [pdf]