In The Wild

Resumptive pronouns

“I hate to tell you this, but I think that you might be living in a world that I don’t know [who else exists in it]” – Jo Firestone, Everyday Decisions with Jo Firestone podcast, Episode 2 "Nasty Ass Smoothie, Freaky Ass Straw w/ Connor Ratliff"

"St. Louis has a zoo that [the first time I went to it] they, like, there's a otter exhibit." – Griffin McElroy, CoolGames Inc. podcast, Episode 51: The Prestige Goose

"Bouncing heads that you have to let them jump over you" – Kat Bailey, Retronauts, Episode 96: Ghostbusters (there's no island here!)

"Thank you for entrusting me with this thing that I don't know [what it is]" – Invader Zim #3, Jhonen Vasquez

Agreement Attraction Errors

"But I have a list of the 247 ingredients that makes them up!" – Jughead #2, Chip Zdarsky & Erica Henderson (singular attraction!)

That-Trace Violations

"One hope, one thing I know that ___ is true, I'd drop all of my lovers just to kick it all with you" – Reptar, Stuck in My Id "Oblangle Fizz Y'all"


"Don't Make a Video Game by Yourself Unless You Hate You" – MAGFest program, 2016