This is the page for the Minnesota Syntax & Psycholinguistics Lab (or MSPLab; Not to be confused with the other MSPLab – Multi-Sensory Perception Lab – in the same building). We are interested in the intersection of experimental syntax/semantics and sentence processing research. How can quantitative approaches to judgments and time-course data enrich our accounts of grammatical phenomena, and how is detailed grammatical knowledge employed and represented by the mind?

We meet every Fridays in Elliot S225 at 10:00 AM. We usually have some coffee and occasionally snacks, so stop by!


September 21st: Dustin leading discussion on Cunnings & Sturt (2018), Retrieval Interference and Semantic Interpretation [link]

September 28th: Jon leading discussion on Wellwood, Pancheva, Hacquard, & Phillips (2018), The anatomy of a comparative illusion [link]

October 5th: Peter leading discussion on Fukumura & van Gompel (2018), How do violations of Gricean maxims affect reading? [link]