About Me

I am a Research Scientist at NYU Abu Dhabi, working in the Neuroscience of Language Lab (NeLLab) with Liina Pylkkännen and Alec Marantz.

Apart from linguistics, I pass my time reading, doing nerd stuff, attending shows, being active, and entertaining my cat Ernie.

  • Email: dustin.alfonso squigglysymbol nyu.edu
  • Twitter: @lingdustin
  • OSF: osf.io/ucvrp


09/07/2019. Big news! I'm now a Research Scientist working in the NeLLab at NYU Abu Dhabi!

06/21/2019. I'm happy to report that Minding The Gap?: Mechanisms underlying Resumption in English was published in Glossa!

01/24/2019. We're getting pumped up for CUNY 2019! MSPLab will be presenting 7 posters this time around:

  • Russ Simonsen & Dustin A. Chacón 'A cross-sectional study of non-native Spanish sentence processing'
  • Russ Simonsen & Dustin A. Chacón 'Lexical prediction and the processing of argument structure in English psych verbs'
  • Austin Kraft & Dustin A. Chacón 'Priming at a distance: Phonology as a passenger in retrieval'
  • Annika Kohrt, Peter O'Neill, Trey Sorenson, & Dustin A. Chacón 'Semantic effects on processing filler-gap dependencies into adjuncts and conjuncts'
  • Jamie Linert & Dustin A. Chacón 'Thematic Fit and Grammatical Constraints in Good-Enough Parsing'
  • Peter O'Neill & Dustin A. Chacón 'What dependencies can we [[interpret the semantics] and [construct __]]?'
  • Annika Kohrt & Dustin A. Chacón 'An ERP study on semantic effects on the processing of adjunct island violations'

It should be a busy March for MSPLab!

01/05/2019. Catch my "datablitz" in the special session 'Experimental Approaches to Cross-linguistic Variation in Island Phenomena' at #LSA2019, or check out the slides here!

12/17/2018. I'm entering the 21st century and joining the open science revolution! My open science foundation profile can be found here. All future projects will be pre-registered, and all data, analyses, papers, and so on will be accessible there.