About Me

I am a contract assistant professor at the University of Minnesota at the Institute of Linguistics, specializing in comparative syntax, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition. I am also a Faculty Affiliate of the University of Minnesota Center for Cognitive Sciences.

Apart from linguistics, I pass my time reading, doing nerd stuff, attending shows, being active, and entertaining my cat Ernie.

  • Email: dustin squigglysymbol umn.edu
  • Twitter: @lingdustin
  • OSF: osf.io/ucvrp


01/05/2018. Catch my "datablitz" in the special session 'Experimental Approaches to Cross-linguistic Variation in Island Phenomena' at #LSA2019, or check out the slides here!

12/17/2018. I'm entering the 21st century and joining the open science revolution! My open science foundation profile can be found here. All future projects will be pre-registered, and all data, analyses, papers, and so on will be accessible there.

10/31/2018. Congrats to BA student Annika Kohrt, who is presenting on the results of her UROP project Electrifying Adjunct Islands today! She shows that semantic and pragmatic factors determine whether a filler-gap dependency is posited into an adjunct clause, and she has some shocking ERP in support of this claim! 🎃

09/20/2018. I'll also be presenting on my lab's work at Carleton College on October 29th! The title of the talk is Meaning and missteps in processing long-distance dependencies, which summarizes the work we've been doing on resumption, apparent exceptions to island violations, and morphosyntactic dependency processing!

09/18/2018. I'll be presenting the work that our Lab has been doing at the Indian Institute of Technology: Delhi on October 18th! The title will be Grammar, Processes, and Plausibility, and I'll be discussing how memory limitations, grammatical knowledge, and pragmatic plausibility affect the processing of long-distance dependencies in English

04/17/2018. On the road again! Check out my WCCFL 36 talk How to Make a Pronoun Resumptive at UCLA. Then, I'll be in Chicago, giving an invited talk at Northwestern, entitled Who are YOU to Judge?, and followed by a talk and a poster at CLS 54: The Real-Time Status of Semantic Exceptions to the Adjunct Island Constraint, and Testing the Real-Time Status of Covert Movement of Wh-operators and QPs in English! Slides and posters soon available on the Papers tab.

04/06/2018. Borui Zhang's and my paper on the distribution of wh-in-situ on Newari, to appear in the LSA proceedings, can be found here!