Who We Are

 Encouraging Excellence in the Duluth Public Schools

The Duluth Public Schools Fund, of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, was established in 1984 to gain greater visibility and support for Duluth Public Schools by supporting innovative and creative educational projects.

Guided by an independent 15-member volunteer advisory board, comprised of civic and business leaders, the Duluth Public Schools Fund annually reviews proposals and recommends grant awards (ranging from $500 to $2,000) within the Duluth Public School District for projects by teachers that encourage creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Since its inception, the Duluth Public Schools Fund has awarded grants to over 300 teachers, principals, or specialists improving learning experiences for students. To date the fund has enriched Duluth Public School classrooms with over a half-million dollars in grants.

The fund is managed and invested independently through the Community Foundation. Assets have grown to nearly a half million dollars through generous gifts from businesses, individuals, and foundations in our area.

The Good News: Testimony from our Grant Recipient Teachers