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Our paper "Noise-driven neuromorphic tuned amplifies" selected as Editor's suggestion in Phys Rev E (2017). 


M. Asllani, T. Carletti, D. Fanelli "Tune the topology to create and destroy patterns" Europ. Phys. J B 89 260 (2016).


G. Cencetti, F. Bagnoli, G. Battistelli, L. Chisci, F. Di Patti, D. Fanelli,  "Topological stabilization for synchronized dynamics on networksEurop. Phys. J B  90 9 (2017).

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Collatz conjecture

Read our paper on the Collatz conjecture  just appeared in Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana! Have a look to the divulgative article (in Italian) published in Unifimagazine.