Emerging Computing Lab


Probably upcoming changes in computing may require a software-hardware crossover. Jeong Lab at Hanyang University views emerging computing at various levels (from materials to algorithms) and draws inspiration from the brain.

Research areas

  • Neuromorphic systems for deep learning acceleration
  • Neuromorphic systems for temporal coding and learning
  • Computational neurobiology
  • Biomedical data analysis using deep learning


Neo2C chip ready!

8/2018. Our first neuromorphic processor (Neo2C) is ready to run! It is named Neo2C. Neo2C stands for neo-neocortex, implying an expansion of (rather than substitution for) neocortex that supports high-level functionalities, e.g. perception and cognition, of the brain. The chip features excellent reconfigurability of spiking neural network and fast inverse lookup (within a single clock cycle) that supports ad hoc on-chip learning!

Congrats Dr Kornijcuk

8/2018. Vladi has finally received the certificate!