Derk Pereboom, keynote of 2015 NOWAR, with Randy Clarke, chair, looking on skeptically.

THE NEXT SCHEDULED WORKSHOP IS NOVEMBER 14-16, 2019 at the Aloft Hotel, in downtown New Orleans. Confirmed keynote speakers are Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA), Richard Moran (Harvard), and Candace Vogler (Chicago). For information about hotel rooms, contact me (dshoemakATtulaneDOTedu). Here is the official program (announced May 4, 2019):

Thursday, November 14

4:00-6:00 Mini-Conference (not read-ahead): ANGLES ON AGENCY: Social, Psychological, Neuroscientific

Jack Samuel (Pitt), “The Sociality of Agency

Chair: Michael Robinson (Chapman)

Lilian O’Brien (Helsinki), “Answerability and Answers to Why Questions”

Chair: Justin White (BYU)

Daniel Burnston (Tulane), “Embodied Agency and Pluralistic Folk Psychology”

Chair: Gena Gorlin (Yeshiva)

7:30-8:50 p.m.: Candace Vogler (Chicago) – KEYNOTE:

CHAIR: David Shoemaker (Tulane)

Invited Lead Discussant: Jennifer Frey (U. of South Carolina)

Reception: 9-11 p.m.

Friday, November 15

9:30-10:35: Jada Twedt Strabbing (Wayne State), “Blame and Fitting Attitudes”

CHAIR: August Gorman (Princeton)

Invited Lead Discussant: Justin Capes (Flagler College)

BREAK: 10:35-10:50

10:50-11:55: Hannah Tierney (Sydney), “Guilty Confessions”

CHAIR: Jay Spitzley (FSU)

BREAK: 11:55-12:10

12:10-1:15: Carla Bagnoli (University of Modena & Reggio Emilia), “Disclaiming Responsibility, Voicing Disagreements, and Negotiating Boundaries”

CHAIR: Sara Ghaffari (BGSU)

LUNCH: 1:15-3:00

3:00-4:05: David Beglin (UCLA), “Unconditional Forgiveness and Normative Condescension”

CHAIR: Luis Cheng-Guajardo (Santa Clara)

BREAK: 4:05-4:30

4:30-5:50: Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA) – KEYNOTE:

CHAIR: Rahul Kumar (Queens)

Saturday, November 16

9:30-10:35: Daniel Telech (Polonsky Academy, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute), “Accountability Praise”

CHAIR: Valerie Soon (Duke)

Invited Lead Discussant: Andrew Eshleman (U. of Portland)

BREAK: 10:35-10:50

10:50-11:55: Aness Webster (Nottingham), “Agency and Autonomy: Lessons from Marginalized Identities”

CHAIR: Maria Seim (Oslo)

Invited Lead Discussant: Matt King (UAB)

BREAK: 11:55-12:10

12:10-1:15: Michael Bratman (Stanford), “Shared Agency and the Construction of Organized Institutions”

CHAIR: Kenneth Silver (USC)

Invited Lead Discussant: Caroline T. Arruda (UTEP)

LUNCH: 1:15-3:00

3:00-4:05: Derek Lam (Wisconsin-Whitewater), “Stipulative Agency”

CHAIR: Ninni Suni (Helsinki)

BREAK: 4:05-4:30

4:30-5:50: Richard Moran (Harvard) – KEYNOTE:

CHAIR: Olivia Bailey (Tulane)



NOWAR is a biennial workshop, sponsored by the Murphy Institute at Tulane University, featuring the presentation of sophisticated original research on issues roughly captured under the label “agency and responsibility.” This general area involves investigation of such questions as: What does it mean to be an agent? How (if at all) does the nature of personhood and personal identity across time bear on questions of agency? What is the nature of, and relation between, moral and criminal responsibility? What is the relation between responsibility and the metaphysical issues of determinism and free will? What do various psychological disorders (autism, psychopathy, cognitive disabilities) tell us about agency and responsibility? What is involved in the development of moral agency? What is the will, willpower, and weakness (or strength) of will? What do the results from neuroscience imply (if anything) for our questions about agency and responsibility? What is the nature of autonomy and how is it related to agency and responsibility?

Work in agency and responsibility, while more or less having a home base in the world of moral philosophy, draws from a host of cross-disciplinary sources, including moral psychology, psychology proper (experimental, developmental, etc.), political economy, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of law, legal theory, metaphysics, neuroscience, neuroethics, social norm theory, political philosophy, and more. It is unified by its focus on who we are as deliberators and (inter)actors, embodied practical agents negotiating (sometimes unsuccessfully) a world of moral and legal norms.

The Oxford University Press series Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility (I am the general editor) draws on presentations from this workshop.