Selected Correspondence of Dr Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal (Vol II) (2012)

Year of Publication: September 23, 2012

Published By: Dr Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal

Place: Saudiyah, Barzulla, Srinagar, Kashmir

Pages: 667

ISBN: 978-81-7435-710-6

Price: SR 65/- INR 650/- $30/-

About The Book:

The Second Volume of the series may appear important in that it concerns some attractive aspects of Dr Iqbal's contacts with the Arab/Islamic and American Worlds wherein his concern about international and Muslim Issues and his interest in the relevant research projects is manifest. Book One of this Volume is special to Saudi Arabia, beginning with his messages to and cogent replies from his Late Majesty King Faisal and ending with entailing correspondence with hid Excellency Dr Fahd A. Al-Semmari, the Secretary-General of Darah Malik Abdul Aziz, Al-Riyadh. Book Two treats with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, starting with his late Excellency, the President, the High Commission in Delhi as well as the scholars and close relations in Mamlakah. Book Three exclusively records contacts with the American Presidency inviting his dispassionate attention to Arab/Islamic problems. Moreover, as Dr Iqbal was deeply impressed by the community of Jacksonville (Illinois), he had ceaselessly to write to its learned men and private citizens as also Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri Muslim brethren in America.