My Teaching Evaluations

I have taught as an instructor at the Johns Hopkins University, the Graduate School, and Irvine Valley College and as a teaching assistant at Tulane University and the University of California at Irvine. I received the Best Teaching Assistant Award for 2009-2010 from the Department of Economics at the University of California, Irvine. Below are my teaching evaluations and comments from my teaching evaluations.

My Teaching Portfolio is available here.

My evaluations for Statistics at Johns Hopkins University are available here. Some comments from these course evaluations:

- "Out of all the professors I've ever had, Jonathan really sticks out to me as one of the most caring, genuine professors I've had."

- "I had no background in statistics prior to taking this course and had only taken introductory calculus in college. I was more than able to keep up with course materials, despite finding it very challenging at to,es, and thought the lectures clear and engaging. I was challenged regularly in the course but felt that with the slides, class notes, and lectures I could grasp the material and succeed. Further, Prof. Cook was clearly enjoyed coming to class and encouraged dialogue about the material. People always participated, asked questions, discussed the material in class--we were never just lectured at. He regularly responded to emails in a respectful, thoughtful, and encouraging way. Assignments were graded fairly and on time."

- "Both frequentist and Bayesian statistical approaches were presented, and very neatly compared and contrasted so we could really come away with our own thoughts on each."

Some comments from Economics of Strategy at UC, Irvine:

- "I never thought a TA would change the way I look at everything. I have never understood how probability can be used for so many things. I will spend the rest of my life reflecting on his words"

- "He was very helpful and patient with us, always making sure that we clearly understand the materials. He was able to teach the class materials in a way that allowed me to understand them better and clearer than how the professor lectured them in class. One of the best TA I had so far. I probably wouldn't do as well in this class without him. Would definitely like to have him as a TA again."

- "The TA was always open to help me out...very patient with my learning...always offered extra help. Best TA I have had at UCI. Teaches way better than the professor himself, thanks to him I was able to make it thru the class and understand the material that otherwise would seem confusing. I wish he was the professor instead of the TA because teaching methods are excellent and help you understand the material successfully."

Teaching evaluations at UC, Irvine:

Economics of Asymmetric Information

Economics of Strategy

Economics of Strategy

Economics of Strategy

Teaching in Kazakhstan while serving in the Peace Corps

Teaching in Kazakhstan while serving in the Peace Corps