Jonathan Cook

Research Associate at Oeste Corp, Division of Research and Statistics


Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Kazakhstan (2003-2005)

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available here.


The Hill op-ed about "The spread of social distancing"

Chicago Business Review article about "Auditors are known by the companies they keep"

Selected publications

Cook, J., Newberger, N., and S. Smalling (2020): "The spread of social distancing," Economics Letters, 196.

Cook, J., Kowaleski, Z., Minnis, M., Sutherland, A., and K. Zehms (2020): "Auditors are known by the companies they keep," Journal of Accounting and Economics, 70(1).

Cook, J. A. and F. Gale (2019): "Using food prices and consumption to examine Chinese cost of living," Pacific Economic Review, 24(1), p 3-26.

Cook, J. A. (2017): "ROC curves and nonrandom data," Pattern Recognition Letters, 85(1), p 35-41.

Cook, J. A. (2014): "The effect of firm-level productivity on exchange rate pass-through," Economics Letters, 122(1), p 27-30.

A complete list of publications is available here.