Education Research


In the Fall of 2017, I co-organized an AMS special session on Characteristics of Successful Mathematics Gateway Programs at UC, Riverside. For more info, go to


  1. Students' perceptions of lesson objectives in introductory mathematics courses taught by teaching assistants (joint w. M. Elsey and V. Mesa)
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    2. A preprint can be found here.
  2. Teaching time savers: Activities that make every minute count (joint w. M. Elsey and V. Mesa)
    1. (2009) MAA Focus, 29(6), 12.


Lesson Objectives: When planning a lesson, instructors are advised to begin by identifying their objectives for that lesson. To better understand how these objectives are understood by students at the end of the lesson, Matt Elsey and I analyzed several introductory mathematics classes at the University of Michigan. Our findings point to frequent discrepancies between the objectives of the teacher and the objectives perceived by the students. This has important implications in training TA's who teach reform-style calculus courses.

Learning Objects: Despite the seemingly endless technological resources available to us, it is surprisingly hard to find such objects which are useful in a calculus course. I have been involved in designing new online resources as well as repackaging existing ones for implementation in the introductory calculus courses at the University of Michigan. In collaboration with Michelle Lee, I have created an online learning object to help introductory precalculus and calculus students write mathematics. This site can be found here.