About Me

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at California State University, San Bernardino.

I am interested in many areas. I enjoy using algebraic tools from linear algebra, number theory, and group theory to study problems in geometry and cryptography. For both teaching and research, I frequently am programming in Sage. I always use GeoGebra in my teaching. I am very interested in research in math education. I am currently writing some texts in linear algebra and geometry.

Previously, I had been a Postdoctoral Visiting Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, received my undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Chicago, and my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan.


In the fall of 2021 I am teaching:

Math 2310 - Applied Linear Algebra


I am currently advising master theses / independent studies in:

Arithmetic Hyperbolic Surfaces

Cryptography and Programming

Recent & Upcoming Conferences & Workshops

2019/03 - AMS Spring Sectional - Honolulu, HI

2019/04 - Oberwolfach, Germany

2019/04 - KIAS, Korea

2019/06 - AIM SQuaRE - San Jose, CA

2019/11 - AMS Fall Sectional - Riverside, CA

2020/03 - AIM Workshop - San Jose, CA

2020/12 - AIM Workshop - Remote

2021/01 - Joint Math Meetings - Remote

2021/03 - Humboldt State University - Colloquium

2021/03 -Oklahoma State University - Topology Seminar


Office: JB 326

Email: Jeffrey.Meyer at csusb.edu

(Pictured above: The 3rd Pell geodesic in the modular surface. I created this gif in Sage.)