Isaac Taylor Weekly



Children with: Queen Victoria Krantz

Isaac Maston Weekly 1867-1927
Vance G Weekly
Ora M Weekly (Crosby)
Maud L Weekly (Brockman)
Josie M Weekly (Bennett)



1 Aug 1850 Born in Benton County, Missouri

1 July 1873 Marriage to Queen Victoria Krantz (daughter of Michael J. Krantz, born about 1823 in Virginia, and Lucinda (Garrett) Krantz, born 17 July 1832 in Kentucky.

Isaac was County Commissioner (Coos County) at the time when the courthouse was moved from Empire to Coquille.  [County seat was moved in 1896; the obituary of Irene, Isaac's mother, who died Jan 14, 1899, states that Isaac is "at present one of our county commisioners"]  "Gives his political allegiance to the democracy".

Member of the Grange and "a worthy exemplar of the Masonic fraternity, which he joined a quarter of a century ago."

"Isaac Taylor Weekly enjoys the respect of the entire community and no man more fully merits the esteem in which he is uniformly held."

In Pioneer History of Coos and Curry Counties (Dodge, 1898):

Wm. Stevens commenced hewing out a home further down the stream; in 1872 it passed into the hands of Ed. Weekley, Geo Wheeler, and finally to Jeff Crosby who has built up a fine home.  In 1872 John and I.T. Weekley [spelling error] settled in that vicinity, the latter purchasing his brother John's interest, and he now has one of the best homes in Coos County.  Fruits grow prolific in his two orchards, and his improvements are in good shape; his sons and daughters have the advice and care of an excellent mother, hence this is one of the first families in the neighborhood.  Over the river, from Mr. Weekley's, is located the I.E. Rose place [married Ursula Weekly], first settled by Mr. Alsworth in 1873...

11 Oct 1919: Isaac Taylor Weekly Died

Buried at Dora Cemetery, Dora, Coos County, OR

Obituary on Pg 108 of Pioneers and Incidents of the Upper Coquille Valley, Wooldridge.  Originally appeared in the Southern Coos County American, Oct 16, 1919.

Isaac Taylor Weekly, one of the old pioneers of this section and well known to all, passed away last week at his home near Coquille.  Buried at Dora Cemetery.  He was 69 years 2 months and 10 days old.  At one time he was a County Commissioner.  Leaves many friends and relatives.


Notes from Queen Victoria's Obituary (Southern Coos County American, Mar 1, 1923):

Mrs I.T. Weekly lived with her son, Vance on the Marshfield road at the time of her death.  Died of pneumonia.  Came to Oregon with her parents in July 1872.

Surviving brothers and sisters: Mrs. R.M. Minard, Mrs. Laura Mayse, both of Dora; Mrs George Binder of Coquille, D.C. Krantz of Coquille, M.J. Krantz of Bandon, W.L. Krantz of Roseburg.

Mr and Mrs Weekly began housekeeping on their ranch on the East Fork between Dora and Gravel Ford and lived there until they moved to Coquille 8 years ago.  Mr. Weekly died 3 years ago last October.  In coming into Coos county, Miss Krantz who was the oldest child, drove a team of mules, the second team that ever came into Coos county over the Coos Bay Wagon Road.  The family had camped at the 18 Mile House, that distance west of Roseburg and had been waiting 6 weeks for the opening of the road. - Coqullle Sentinel.

If anyone has any info about the 18 Mile House, and where it was located (or maybe a present-day historic marker?), please email me using the address on the bottom of the home page.  I believe that the 18 Mile House was the house in Reston that belonged to William and Irene.  I have read elsewhere that the Coos Bay Wagon Road started at the "old Weekly place", and the obituary of Edmund, Isaac's brother, says: "The house in which he was born was known for many years at (as?) the Eighteen Mile House stage station."