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SNA Workshop

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I have run 2 day introductory workshops covering all of the knowledge needed to analyse social data in animals. Generally, Day 1 of the workshop covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to social network theory
2. Methods of data collection
3. Inferring associations from social data
4. General social network approaches
5. General considerations for animal social network analysis
6. Hypothesis testing with social network analysis
7. Further methods and applications
8. Data formats in R
9. Interfacing with R packages
10. Presenting results
11. Experimental approaches using social network analysis

Day 2 is a practical day, during which I run through an example network analysis and encourage attendees to bring their own data.

The workshop is often preceded by a mini-conference with a plenary lecture, after which attendees give a very short talk (3 slides) and present a poster. This can seem daunting, but previous feedback has told us that it is usually everyone's favourite part (especially first-year PhD students)! It helps everyone get to know one-another, create a community spirit, and gets everyone thinking about what they want to take away from the workshop.