Never before has there been a society so ripe, ready, and able to receive, implement and perpetuate the vitalistic philosophy of CHIROPRACTIC. Today we live in the most highly educated, affluent and technologically advanced society in the world. It seems that nowhere else on earth does the individual enjoy such freedom and opportunity to control his or her own life and destiny.

The greatest freedom and opportunity, however, exists within ourselves. Our innate intelligence expresses itself throughout the quadrillions of cells in our body.

It coordinates, heals, controls, and maintains the functions and growth of the body itself, while inspiring us spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

We have recently emerged from the industrial age to enter the computer age. The mechanistic viewpoint may have been appropriate to a society involved with machines and manufacturing, with mass production and assembly lines. It is vitalism that puts natural wisdom and a sense of "divine order", trust, and hope back into our world. Vitalism is the key to integrating our humanity with our technology.

In this office we approach the individual from a vitalistic, humanistic, holistic, and integrated point of view. The mechanistic viewpoint would treat and fight a disease; the vitalistic view is to promote nurturance of health, fitness, wholeness, harmony, well-being, growth and development. Our health depends not on what others do for us, but on what we are willing to do for ourselves. Personal responsibility, self value. Awareness and participation within our bodies are the primary determinants of health.

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