Key Words : DRC Sim, Gazebo, HUBO, Darwin OP, Simulation

The DRC Simulator with the Atlas Robot Loaded on it.

Figure 0.1 : The DRC Simulator with the Atlas Robot loaded onto it.

The above picture is the Atlas robot that has been loaded onto the DRC Simulator.

Fig 0.2 The Hubo and the Darwin-OP (These two robots will be modeled in the DRC Simulator.)

This tutorial final aim is to show how the HUBO and Darwin-OP robots are modeled on the DRC Simulator, similar to the picture shown above. The DRC Simulator is a simulation software built on Gazebo that can be used to simulate robots and see how they react in real world situation. The DRCSim is a part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. This tutorial helps right from scratch which is installing The Ubuntu operating software till having the robots modeled . This tutorial is for everyone who is interested in / working on :

    • DRC Simulator
    • Gazebo
    • DARPA Robotics Challenge
    • Humanoids
    • Simulation of Robots