Editorial activities

I serve/have served in the editorial board of:

I acted as reviewer for the following journals:

Administrative Sciences (ISSN 2076-3387).Applied Financial Economics (ISSN 0960-3107).Economic Analysis of Law Review (ISSN 2178-0587).Economics Letters (ISSN 0165-1765).,Economic Modelling (ISSN 0264-9993).Economic Systems (ISSN 0939-3625).Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (ISSN 1540-496X).Energies (ISSN 1996-1073).Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300).European Physical Journal B (ISSN 1434-6036). Finance Research Letters (ISSN 1544-6123)Fractals (ISSN 0218-348X).Int. J. of Financial Studies (ISSN 2227-7072).

Int. J. of Fuzzy Systems (ISSN 1562-2479).Int. Review of Economics and Finance (ISSN 1059-0560).J. of Business and Industrial Marketing (ISSN 0885-8624).J. of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (ISSN 1875-8967).Kybernetes (ISSN 0368-492X). 2011,.Mathematics (ISSN 2227-7390).Physica A: Stat. Mechanics and its Applications (ISSN 0378-4371).,,,.Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena (ISSN 0167-2789).Physics Letters A (ISSN 0375-9601).Plos One (ISSN 1932-6203).Research in International Business and Finance (ISSN 0275-5319).Risks (ISSN 2227-9091).Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).