Ran Tao 陶然 

Associate Professor

Department of Biostatistics and Vanderbilt Genetics Institute

Vanderbilt University Medical Center                               

2525 West End Ave, Room 11126

Nashville, TN 37203

Email: r DOT tao AT vumc DOT org

I am interested in developing novel statistical methods to solve problems arising in the design and analysis of modern biomedical and public health studies, including genome-wide association studies, next-generation sequencing studies, and electronic health records systems. My current research topics include two-phase designs, missing data, measurement error, electronic health records, rare-variant analysis, trans-ethnic genetic association analysis, transcriptome-wide association analysis, genetic risk prediction, and multi-omics. 

Before joining Vanderbilt, I received a Ph.D. degree in Biostatistics in 2016 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to my graduate studies, I earned a B.S. in Mathematics in 2010 from Tsinghua University in China.

Here is my CV.