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December 2015

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Oct 31, 2015

Counselytics's Promotion video

Oct 12, 2015

First time to listen to Jiawei Han!

Oct 10, 2015

Why Information Science is the most exciting place to be?

Cornell Information Science: A Discussion With The Chairs from Information Science Cornell on Vimeo.

Oct 10, 2015

Why I am intrigued by the Beauty and Complexity of Language?

Language as Influence: Power and Memorability

Notes: It seems that Professor Lillian Lee is usually happy to work with very handsome students like Chenhao Tan and Christian Danescu Niculescu-Mizil. I feel upset about the fact I am not handsome enough to work with her....

Oct 9, 2015

Is High Frequency Trading socially beneficial?

Interestingly, James Simons gave positive answer in the following video...

James Simons - Mathematics, Common Sense, and Good Luck: My Life and Careers

Oct 6, 2015

Somebody or Nobody?

Recently the first Undergraduate English class's topic appeared in my mind again and again: the title is "Somebody or nobody?"

Oct 3, 2015

Life is Work or Work is life?

Oct 8, 2015

First Meet with Professor Kathleen Mckeown

Having been heard of this lady several times, and last Monday at DAPG2015, I got to know her "physically" finally....

First know this professor:   

Summer 2013 when I traveled to NYC first time, I want to find out someone at Columbia sharing similar interest. Then I find her website...  But as usual, she did not reply to my email...

First time to see her physically: 

@KDD 2014, Bloomberg Headquarter, New York City..     I saw this lady talking with David Blei at the balcony outside 7th floor, Bloomberg.  But I am still too shy to say anything...

Mentioned by others:

@Counselytics, my intern advisor Jana told me Kathleen is advertising a competitor company of Counselytics, and said that it is very hard to take her time! Anyway Kathleen is the first tenured female CS professor at a distinguished Ivy League University called Columbia!


Link to Old Writing:

My experience regarding doing undergraduate summer research at Carnegie Mellon University(Written in Chinese), featured in eecs.pku.edu.cn