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Jason Dou is a Chinese computer scientist dedicated to tackle important social, business, and technical challenges on our planet. Currently he is exploring the idea "Business + Artificial Intelligence" by several promising projects involving  collaboration cross departments, campuses, and oceans. He has strong interest cultivating next generation of leading scholars, star engineers, business practitioners, and policy makers. His undergraduate colleagues have been placed to top PhD program and leading industry research lab in China and the U.S.. His non stealth mode projects include defending democracy by Markov chain, natural language processing and design for e-rulemaking, topic modeling to understand Chinese politics, robot lawyer, optimization for healthcare, etc. Please go to jasondou.org for more information.

Jason pursues power, influence, and friendship in and outside academia. Part of his 2017 new year resolution is to become the youngest editor-in-chief of journal of heuristics. At Leeds he enjoys understanding people's motivation and playing politics. Recently he gets a bit anxious since "the clock is ticking" to shoot on Forbes 30 under 30. He is not into the "publication game" too much, while his name does appear on decent journal like Proceeding of National Academy of Science. He founded his first company headquartered at Trump Tower, 40 wall street before coming to Boulder, where he enjoys the sunshine and the Rockies. He thinks the only drawback of Boulder is that it's far from the beach.




Jason Dou, 美国康奈尔大学信息科学系在读学生,本科毕业于北京大学计算机科学技术系,曾经在香港大学(冯氏学者项目),香港中文大学(理论计算机科学冬令营),香港科技大学(泛珠三角物理奥林匹克),美国卡耐基梅隆大学(PKU-CMU 本科生科研项目),以色列理工大学(世界课堂ipodia项目) 和新西兰奥塔哥大学(北大文化交流项目) 等教育机构交流学习。

他的研究生涯从大二加入北京大学计算语言学研究所开始,在教育部大学生创新计划支持下开发了用于大规模文本信息抽取的工具”Draw My Topics“, 他也曾在北京大学经济学院平新乔(北京大学经济学院学术委员会主席)指导下对机制设计问题进行探索。

他的本科毕业设计项目在卡耐基梅隆大学的Danny Sleator(伸展树发明人,均摊分析的创始人) 和 Alan Frieze(美国数学会院士,2014年在世界数学家大会就概率组合Probabilistic Combinatorics进行1小时报告) 联合指导下用概率算法解决美国选举中的选区再划分问题(A Markov Chain Approach to Gerrymandering Problem), 在这之前没有中国科学家研究过这一问题。他在这个项目中培养的intern在2015年已经加入麻省大学攻读博士学位。

Cornell期间参与/在研多项课题,包括Cornell e-rule making, with Claire Cardie, Dan Cosley and Gilly Leshed; Twitter bot account Classification, with Michael Macy; Deception Detection in Android Data, with Jeff Hancock,Chinese patent Research, with 贾攀乐 等。

他2015年暑假在纽约的一家legaltech startup called counselytics 实习,专注于开发帮助律师完成重复性工作的算法。他是这家公司第一位engineer intern.

受到Gary King, Hal Varian, David Easley, Ducan Watts, Jon Kleinberg, Lillian Lee等科学家的影响,他相信要深入理解和解决这个时代的社会问题,计算机科学要与社会科学结合; 受到 Andrew Ng, Geoffrey E. Hinton等计算机科学家的影响,他相信深度学习是人工智能的未来。所以他现在主要的研究兴趣在于计算社会科学和深度学习。


他是冯氏学者,Cornell Club NYC 和 equinox 的会员。 

email: douxiaotianpku@gmail.com

wechat: JasonXiaotianDou

twitter: @JasonDou1

个人主页: jasondou.com