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Hi, הייBonjour, Hola, 你好!     

 I am Jason!


I am looking for new PhD positions, please let me know any opportunities!

March 25th, 2018:

An inspiring story I like:

March 3rd, 2018: 

I am attending WeCode2018; things I learnt:
Gender Bias in word embedding: http://wordbias.umiacs.umd.edu/

Feb 21st, 2018: 

Two "Silicon South Beach" Pitch:

And glad to see my work appears at POMS-HK 2018 conference proceeding!

Jan 16th, 2018: a short video of my future son in law lol :)


Dec 31st, 2017: Happy New Year from Miami Beach!

Dec 5th, 2017: A Youtube Channel

Nov 7, 2017: Gave a talk at SNaG lab!

Nov 2, 2017: a cool pitch 

October 25, 2017: google scholar profile

October 10, 2017: I gave a presentation at Optimization&Machine Learning Seminar.

summer 2016: summer associate at National School of Development, Peking University.

a working paper in Chinese:

Media coverage: Caixin财新 

Jingyi and Jason:

Nov 23, 2015: for people in China, I host a new website: jasondou.strikingly.com. it's under construction. 

Nov 21, 2015: I am visiting CMU, Pittsburgh!

Oct 20, 2015: I organize a poker workshop at NYC :)

Oct 9, 2015: attended FinTech Conference, cool to know Marc Weill.

Oct 3, 2015:  Interested to know that Carol Eriley and Andrew Ng are still too busy to have baby......   What if I can marry a girl cute and smart like Carol...
Cool link to their engagement news | wedding news


Sep 23, 2015:   Sad to know Professor Jeff Hancock left Cornell and joint Faculty of Department of Communication, Stanford University... I keep interested in the Deception in Android Data Project I have worked with him.

New Stuff!!

A bit busy, so if you are going to take my time, please use the following:


All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
 -T.E. Lawrence 



Cool professors in my opinion: Gary KingLillian Lee, and her husbandLada Admic,  Noah Smith, JBGLiang Huang, Manuel Laguna.....

Deception&Natural Language Processing

Draw My Topics from Large scale of Corpus

Faculty: Junfeng Hu at Institute of Computational Linguistics, Peking University (PKU).

Student: Zenan Meng, B.S 15 in CS, PKU, intern at MSRA, Google, Face++, first placement Didi Research, now startup

(recently cited by Proceeding of National Academy of Science)

Faculty: Danny Sleator,  Alan Frieze and David Miller, Carnegie Mellon University(CMU).

Student: Lucy Chenyun Wu, B.S 15 in Physics with minor in CS, PKU, summer Intern at CMU, now CS PhD student in AI at Umass, Amherst.

Puerto Rico, spring 2015.

Israel, spring, 2014.

Thailand, winter 2013.

Exchange student at the University of Hong Kong in the Fall semester, 2012-2013.

New Zealand, winter 2012.

Honors I have received include University Fellowship, Tung OOCL Scholarship, Panasonic Scholarship, Fung Foundation Scholarship, National Innovation Plan Fellowship and May Fourth Scholarship. And I got First Prizes in National High School Mathematics Competition(2009, 2008), National High School Physics Competition(2009). Silver Medal in Southeast China Physics Olympics(2009, Shenzhen), Bronze Medal in Western China Mathematics Olympics(2008, Guiyang), to name a few...


basketball, badminton, tennis, swimming, steam rooms, beach, gym, retail therapy, massage, James Bond and Gossip Girl.....


Zhiting Hu at Carnegie Mellon (foodmate at CMU and PKU)

Fengyuan Zhu at NYU (NYC roommate, attending the most expensive (if not the best) program in HCI domain....)

Baihong Jin at UC Berkeley (roommate at HKU)

Junxing Wang at Carnegie Mellon (best student paper at EC2014...)

Han Zhang at Princeton (PKU_ICL lab mate)

Lin Chen at Yale (miss time playing badminton with him in PKU...)

Nick Light in Marketing at Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder (We have intellectually stimulating conversations!)

Blaise Bama, co-founder of Open Dream, Schwarzman Scholar