Flute Photos

The first photo shows detail of the tuning slide and finger holes on my flutes. The second photo shows my ebay ad for my basic 2-piece, tunable flute with optional faux gold rings (see separate page about the rings). You can click on the photos for more detail

The above flute is my best selling flute. It is a 3-piece, 6-hole low D flute with lip plate, oval embouchure hole, and with inserted wedge in the headjoint. The flute comes with inline or offset finger holes. The photo shows the optional (no additional cost) faux brushed silver vinyl rings.

The above photo is a group photo of the flutes that I offer.  The four largest flutes (Eb, D, C, and Bb) are 3-piece flutes. The The flutes in the key of E, F, and G are 2-piece flutes.  Again, you can click on the photo to enlarge it. The photo at the bottom is an older group photo. I am in the process of phasing out the gray pvc.