Audio/Video Files

Michael Eskin, a session musician in southern California, is playing my 3-piece, 6-hole low C flute in white PVC with the Tipple-Fajardo wedge in place in the flute. The slow air is entitled "Taimse im Chodladh".

Here Michael is playing a reel, "Maids of Mt. Cisco", using my 3-piece low D white flute with the wedge.

Michael also recorded "Garrett Barry's Jig", playing my high C flute/fife in white PVC. He commented, "I like this instrument quite a bit, very easy to play once you get used to the tighter embrochure required, well in tune, a lot of fun. Anyone who has experience playing a silver piccolo will have no problem adapting to this one."


Ben Jaber is the principal horn player for the San Diego Symphony Orchestra in California. He also is a terrific Irish flute player. With Michael Eskin as the recording engineer, Ben graciously agreed to record two videos for me  He is playing a reel "Spike Island Lasses" and a slow air "Port na bPucai". Ben is playing my 3-piece, 6-hole Irish flute with the lip plate, the 2-semicircles oval embouchure, and a Tipple-Fajardo wedge in the headjoint.

Michael Eskin in December 2010 recorded this short demonstration video of him playing "The Kerry Fling" or "Cus Teahan's" using my 3-piece F flute with oval embouchure and headjoint wedge.

Michael remained in the mood to record videos in December 2010, so here are a few others:


Gian Marco "Pantera" Pietrasanta is the flute player in the celtic group Myrddin in Genova, Italy. The website with photos of the group are at  In an email on 3-26-05 he wrote: "Thanks again for the flute. I love it."Marco is playing his own composition "The Cat in the Fiddle Case" using  my 3-piece, 6-hole low D flute  (gray pvc) with the Tipple-Fajardo wedge.

Five years later Gian Marco recorded the same tune on a video with my low C flute with lip plate, oval embouchure and wedge.


 On 12-2-06 Gian gave me permission to host another one of his compositions, "Arianna's Tower", which is very beautiful. Gian is playing my 3-piece, 6-hole low D flute in the gray pvc  + wedge.

Another of Gian's tunes is an original tune entitled, "The Path You Can't See".  Gian is playing my little G flute. 

On 11-10-10 Gian Marco sent me a video of his original tune, "The Maybe Waltz". He is playing my 3-piece low C flute with lip plate and oval embouchure hole.

 Here is an example of my 8-hole low D flute being played as a lead and harmony flute in a slow Keltic song.

The flutes are played by Larry Meyerhoff of New York.  He is also playing the bouzouki. The guitar and fiddle accompaniment are by the late Mindy Joslyn, who for most of her career was a sideman and arranger for Carly Simon. 

Steffen Gabriel from Munster, Germany has recorded an improvised slow air on my 3-piece, 6-hole low B flute in the gray pvc. Steffen gave me permission to host it here.

Lee Stanford from New Jersey, USA  has posted a youtube video of him playing my 3-piece low D flute with the inserted Tipple-Fajardo wedge. Like Michael Eskin, Lee is also playing "Maids of Mt. Cisco".


Tomoaki Hatakeyama in Hyogo, Japan recorded "O'Sullivans" and "The Limestone Rock" with the microphone on his minidisc recorder without reverberation. The sound quality isn't great, but the playing is much better. He gave me his permission to host the tunes here. Tomoaki is playing a Tipple flute in F.  This clip is 2.5 MB in size.

 Iker Lope de Bergara is a woodwind player in the band Korrontzi in the Basque region of Spain.  He sent me this dance from the Basque country, entitled Ostalerrak. Unfortunately, the bouzouki player, Ibon Ordunez, is recorded a little too loudly, so it is difficult to hear the flute as well as you would like. Iker is playing my 3-piece Eb flute with the lip plate.

I now have a YouTube channel, which currently has seven videos of tunes being played with my best-selling, 3-piece, 6-hole low D Irish flute with a lip plate headjoint and a Tipple-Fajardo wedge inserted in the bore of the flute. Jem Hammond, a talented teacher and musician in Wales, recorded these tunes for me while he was on vacation in Spain. The link will take you to one of the videos, and the other videos are easily accessed from that page.

Arbo Doughty in Brooklyn NY sent me this recording of him playing  my low C flute with lip plate and wedge. The tune is entitled "Out On the Ocean".

Here is a slow reel, "The Floating Crowbar", also by Arbo:

One more by Arbo entitled "The Breeze", low C flute:

Arbo sent me this tune "A Fig For A Kiss" with him playing my low Bb flute:

In February of 2013 Arbo sent me this tune that he recorded on my low Bb flute.  It is his rendition of the tune, "The Snows They Melt the Soonest".

Ruben Delgado Sanchez in Madrid, Spain used my low Bb flute to record the soundtrack for the move, "This Is Me", which will open in November, 2009. The youtube video of the movie trailer is now available, and my flute can be heard at the beginning and throughout the trailer underneath the voices. I'm delighted with the way my flute sounds in Ruben's hands.

Nineteen year old, Alessandro de Carolis, from Caserta, Italy is performing Breton Tune on the low D Tipple Irish flute with lip plate and oval embouchure. The accompaniment was written and performed by Carmine Scialia playing the octave violin.

A customer, Ken Kolman, in Boise, Idaho asked me to make him a 7-hole low D minor flute with the scale: D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C, C#(thumb), D. I sent him off a 2-piece prototype flute which he is refusing to part with. On the attached video he has a microphone off-camera playing through a guitar amp with some reverb and recording with a Logitec Webcam.

Another Irish flute fusion musician is Raymond Robinson, Belfast, Ireland. Raymond sent me an audio file of him playing my low E Irish flute, by over-dubbing making it a New Age flute trio with an electronic drone. I paired his audio file with some of my vacation photos of last summer to make this rather meditative video. I find myself wanting to go to sleep in the middle of it. I think that this is a good example of "Irish Flute Gone Fusion", whether you like it, or not.

Phillip Rolfes, and excellent player and teacher now living in the Washington, D.C. area, gave me permission to link this youtube video on my website. Phillip is playing my low Bb flute, and tune is "Out on the Ocean", also recorded by Arbo Doughty on this page.