Doug Tipple's Irish Flutes

Thank you for visiting my webpage. Please note: I make every effort to promptly reply to every email inquiry about my flutes. However, if you receive no reply from me, please check your spam folder, as my reply may be there. I sometimes find inquiries from potential customers in my spam folder, so I try to check it every day to recover those emails. Thank you. I now have another website. It is essentially the same pages, but the pages are arranged in a more modern format. I also have new flutes for sale, discontinued flutes, and a revised price list. http://tippleflutes.com/

I also have a YouTube channel with several videos of tunes played by experienced players. Please see the audio files page for details. In addition to feedback listed on the "Customers Comments" page on the sidebar, I received this unsolicited feedback, April, 2010. ""Excellent flute! Cheerful and professional customer service! I'd recommend this to any other beginner like myself who isn't sure if they want to put $300 down for a "true" Irish flute without trying it out for 1/3 the cost. I'm progressing rapidly on Doug's flute, and I'm glad I got it. Doug handled my order speedily and professionally -- and when I lost my tipple-fajardo wedge, he installed a replacement wedge for me at no charge! Good busineeses like this deserve our praise. Way to go Doug!"

On the online flute forums my flutes are sometimes mentioned as "starter flutes", suggesting that a player would ideally want a "better" flute as he/she progressed on the flute. However, I often receive email feedback from customers like the one I received today, September, 2010. Speaking of his purchase of my 3-piece, 6-hole low D flute with the lip plate headjoint, he wrote: "I paid five and a half and a half times what your flute and extra head cost me - for a higher maintenance wooden flute that doesn't give me the satisfaction, playability and enjoyment I get from yours. Yours is even easier to half hole."

The photo on top is of my 3-piece, 6-hole low D flute with inline finger holes and an oval embouchure hole with brushed silver vinyl faux rings. It is my most popular flute. The photo on the bottom is a group photo of most of the flutes that I am offering below. Both photos can be made larger by clicking on them.

The following flutes are arranged in order from the smallest size (highest pitch) to the largest size (lowest pitch). Optional lip plates (+$35). I now consider the Tipple-Fajardo headjoint wedge as an integral part of the flute, so the price of the flute includes the installed wedge. Please see the page "Sorting Out the Options" on the sidebar.

Medium size flutes (machined pvc tenon joints, see photos page):

Three-piece, tunable six-hole G flute @ $90

Three-piece, tunable six-hole F flute @ $90

Three-piece, tunable, six-hole E flute @ $90

Three-piece, tunable six-hole Eb flute @ $90

Three-piece, tunable six-hole low D flute @ $90

Large flutes (machined pvc tenon joints)

Three piece, tunable six-hole low C#/Db flute @ $95

Three-piece, tunable six-hole low C flute @ $100

Three-piece, tunable eight-hole low B flute @ $105 ($140 with lip plate headjoint)

Three-piece, tunable eight-hole low Bb flute @ $110 ($145 with lip plate headjoint)

Three-piece, tunable eight-hole low A flute @ $115 ($150 with lip plate headjoint)

Accessories for the large-bore flutes:

Optional lip plate for low C#, C, B, Bb, and A @ + $35

Vinyl decorative rings (silver or gold), if you request them, @ no additional charge

The above descriptions of the flutes as medium size and large size are arbitrary and are merely my attempt at separating the larger-bore flutes by relative sizes. Actually, both of these flute groups are made from the same size of pipe.

To place an order or to ask further questions, please send me an email. My email address is:dougsflutes@gmail.com

My mailing address is:

Doug Tipple

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Thank you for visiting my webpage.