Dougie McQ

Welcome to the page of singer / guitarist Dougie McQuillan.
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The "Alternative Roy Orbison" album has raised over £1,000 so far, for  the "Walk With Scott" & the "Richmond Hope" Charity Foundations! Incredibly enough I had a call from the "Roy Orbison Organization" about the album & they are now playing tracks from the album in the Roy Orbison Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. Yee haw!
You'll find a clip from one of my shows & a short burst from one of the new album tracks. All Proceeds from sales have went to the Richmond Hope Foundation & "Walk with Scott" Foundation.
Click on the track below to hear the track You Got It (Anything You Want) Clip - From the Album -
The Alternative Roy Orbison.

You Got It - from the album - The Alternative Roy Orbison -Dougie McQuillan.m4a

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It is with great sadness to announce that we have lost another of our early members of the This N' That family. The wonderful Bobby Heatlie. Bobby was a very gifted musician & a beautiful person & was part of This n' That during the 60's & 70's . He was best known for his No.1 hit "Japaneese Boy" as well as numberous other hits for Shaking Stevens & many other artists. RIP Bobby Heatlie.