Welcome to Dotson Park

Come Play in Danby's Backyard!

Dotson Park consists of a 92-acre parcel of woods, meadows, and wetlands with a conservation easement in place to protect the park. The park currently includes:

  • A 12-hole disc golf course
  • A natural playground featuring a slide and rock scramble
  • A marked trail system over one mile long
  • A hypar-style pavilion, table and benches for picnics
  • A family-friendly hill for sledding when it snows
  • Danby youth programs and Primitive Pursuits activities

Why You Should Support Dotson Park

The park has been designed, built, managed and maintained by a small group of volunteers. The park does not currently receive funding from the Town of Danby. Community support is needed to keep the park a place for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of ideas to enhance the park, and the Danby Community Park Association (DCPA) needs volunteers and funding to help Dotson Park thrive.

To get you in the mood, here is some of the cheery chatter that Dotson Park visitors have shared with us: "We love it here!" "Great way to end a work day!" "New to the area, excited to have a disc golf course nearby." "Too beautiful to not be in the park!" "Such a good day." "I miss Danby - love the new trail." "Wonderful place for a walk!" "Lovely spot; cool course." "Study or play? Play!"