American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics (APS DPP)

U.S. Burning Plasma Organization (USBPO) - a national organization of scientists and engineers involved in researching the properties of magnetically confined burning fusion plasmas.

Coalition for Plasma Science - a group of institutions, organizations, and companies joining forces to increase awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many applications and benefits for society.

Plasma Science and Applications (PSAC) of the Nuclear and Plasma Science Society (NPSS) of IEEE deals with research and development of the plasma state of matter.

Plasma Py - a project aiming to foster the creation of an open-source Python ecosystem for plasma research and education. 

Fusion Industry Association - an international coalition of companies working to electrify the world with fusion.

INFUSE - Innovation Network for Fusion Energy. The INFUSE program will accelerate fusion energy development in the private sector by reducing impediments to collaboration involving the expertise and unique resources available at DOE laboratories and universities.

General Atomics Fusion Education

Science Education Department at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)

PlasmaNET - Plasma Network for Engagement and Training - Frontiers in Plasma Science Research at DIII-D, BaPSF, WiPPL, and MPRL

Sherwood Fusion Theory - Fusion Theory conferences.

ITER International School 2022 - The ITER International School aims to prepare young scientists and engineers for working in the field of nuclear fusion and in research applications associated with the ITER Project.


This section summarizes links to brand guidelines for different schools and organizations that I collaborate with. It is useful for finding and downloading the officially approved logos (to be used on presentation slides).