This photo of a mug created by Rasmus Baath includes a mug shot of Prof. Kruschke (from Feb 2014). More info about the mug is at Rasmus' blog post. Make your own mug with new images at the paraphernalia page.
You can contact Prof. Kruschke via email:
He gets a ton of email, and is embarrassed to admit that much of it goes unanswered because he reads it, says to himself, "Hmm, that's interesting. I'll have to think about it and reply later," and then later never comes. If you have a detailed or lengthy question, he might not get to it. If you have a short and quick question, he still might not get to it. Nevertheless, he truly appreciates all your messages. You are welcome to send him a follow-up to remind him that you are still waiting, at which point he will probably say to himself, "Yikes, I really should reply! I really should think about it and definitely reply later..."

If you have a technical question about doing Bayesian data analysis, please post it at the Q&A site Cross Validated and be sure to tag it with "Bayesian". And let me know via email that you posted a question there. If I don't answer it, hopefully someone else will.