Recent USC Football Headlines 

Gary Klein, LA Times
The math is still fuzzy, but somehow USC is going to stay under the 75 scholarship limit this year. 

Yahoo Sports
The Trojans will have the two top lineman in the country as Banner joins Jordan Simmons at USC. Matt Barkley will have plenty of protection this coming year. 

Two five star linemen could be heading to USC, a thought that puts a big smile on Matt Barkley's face. The math still doesn't add up, but the quality of the class is there even though the quantity is not. 

SB Nation
The number of recruits is not as high as other schools because of the sanctions, but the quality is solid. 

Right now, USC has 65 scholarship players and 15 freshman coming in with scholarships. Kiffin and company is going to need to be creative in rearranging scholarships. 

Rob Rang, CBS Sports
Kalil and Perry are among the top ten underclassmen in the NFL Draft.  

Michael Tierney, Bleacher Report
Tierney makes the case that since SEC schools ignore scholarship rules and that other schools with more agrigious violations got slapped on the wrist, USC should protest by ignoring scholarship reductions. 

LA Times
With USC in control of the Coliseum, much needed repairs will finally take place. 

Gary Klein, LA Times
A few years ago, there were not enough carries for the stable of running backs at USC.  Now the Trojans are down to three. 

Pedro Moura, ESPN LA
Add Brice Butler to the list of Trojans transferring.  At least he is not going to Notre Dame like Carlisle. 

Chris Dufresne, LA Times
USC will be loaded next year, as will LSU. 

Former Trojan Football players in the NFL Playoffs
USC Rips It Blog
The Trojans will be well represented in the playoffs this year.

Recent USC Basketball Headlines

Bill Plaschke, LA Times
This has been a horrible season for the Trojans as injuries and sanctions have turned Tim Floyd's solid program into Kevin O'Neills nightmare. Pat Haden is going to give O'Neill one more season to turn it around. 

The Trojans beat Utah at home 62-45 to give the Trojans their first Pac 12 victory. 

LA Times Blogs
Seven foot tall Dwayne Dedmon is out for the remainder of the season with a knee injury.  

Yahoo Sports
USC gets blown out 74-50 against Colorado. 

All season, USC played tough defense only to lose because they could not score.  In Corvallis, Oregon State put up 78 points and USC's offense was lacking as the Beavers beat the Trojans 78-59. 

Despite Maurice Jones's 22 points, USC loses 65-62 in Eugene. 

Aaron Fuller, who led the team in rebounding and was second on the team in scoring, will miss the rest of the season.  

Jill Painter, LA Daily News
While the Trojan basketball team struggles, there is hope on the horizon in solid recruiting classes. 

Yahoo Sports
USC shoots 35% from the field and 40% from the free throw line in a 66-47 loss. 

Jordan Moore, USC Trojans Blog
Perhaps the best Trojan basketball player of all time, Harold Miner will finally have his jersey hung in the rafters in Galen Center.

LA Times
OJ Mayo is not as bitter about being a backup as he has been in the past. 

LA Times
When Fontan went down before the season, the Trojans knew they were in trouble. I'm not sure they thought they were going to be this bad.

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