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Jon Heyman, CBS Sports
The group is likely to land financial backing from Patrick Soon-Shiong who is estimated to be worth 7.2 billion dollars. 

Ken Gurnick, MLB
Scott Van Slyke has the pedigree to be a great baseball player, but immaturity early in his career has hurt his minor league career.  He says he is ready to play in the majors this year and is out to prove it in spring training.  

LA Times
Former Dodger Vice President Derrick Hall is one of the top baseball executives in the game.  He rebuilt the Diamondbacks into a quality club after years of mediocrity. Several potential ownership groups are reaching out to him. 

Ken Gurnick, MLB
After missing last year with legal issues, Ronald Belisario has made it to Arizona a few weeks early to try and win his spot in the bull pen back. 

Tim Brown, Yahoo Sports
The Dodgers will get solid performances out of Kemp and Kershaw according to Brown, but there is nothing around them besides Ethier, and even he is questionable. 

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
Song Soo Park of E-Land will provide additional financial backing to the group. 

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
Ron Burkle, Eli Broad, David Geffen, and Patrick Soon-Shiong are all sitting on the sideline waiting for the right group to approach them.  Any of the four would provide enough financial backing that the Dodgers would never have to worry about a small payroll.  

Tony Jackson, ESPN LA
They join the groups led by Mark Cuban and Larry King as the first groups to be cut by Blackstone. 

True Blue LA
Eithier has been dealing with the injury for two years, but last year was when it became unbearable.  He also said he is looking forward to a new owner. 

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
The two groups are the ones led by Mark Cuban and Dennis Gilbert.  Both were favorites at some point in the process, but they did not make the second round. 

Peter Gammons, Twitter
Of the top 14 college players in 2009-10, the Dodgers drafted four of them but didn't sign any of them. 

Yahoo Sports
Planning on seeing the Dodgers this spring? Check out this article before you go.

LA Times
The Prince Fielder sweepstakes came down to three teams and the Dodgers were one of them.  

TJ Simers, LA Times
Bob Daly regrets selling to Frank McCourt and has a lot of strong words for him. 

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is being recruited as a financial backer for many of the potential ownership groups because he is considered to be the richest man in Los Angeles. 

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
As groups explore merging, the first round of bidding started on Monday with over ten groups bidding including Mark Cuban. 

Ronald Blum, Yahoo Sports
With about a dozen groups looking to buy the Dodgers, many are expected to merge to combine their resources and make themselves more appealing. 

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
Up to 20 bids are expected for the Dodgers and the vast majority will be submitted today. 

Wes Williams, Dodger Blue Bloods
There are a lot of people advocating for the Dodgers to get into the Prince Fielder sweepstakes. But I don't think it is a good idea.

Jon Weisman, Twitter
Weisman says the Dodgers should sign Fielder, but probably will not at the end of the day. 

TJ Simers, LA Times
In order to increase the value of the Dodgers, Simers thinks the Dodgers should sign Fielder. 

James Loney, Twitter
The exact tweet reads "Wow! We are really going to win a World Series this year!!!! Y'all better get ready!" At Dee Gordon's autograph signing this morning, he said "I'm with Loney."

LA Times
Mark Cuban told Jay Leno last night that if he bought the Dodgers, "LA would never be the same."  If it is possible for Frank McCourt to redeem himself a little bit, it would be by selling the team to Mark Cuban. 

Ken Gurnick,
Clayten Kershaw is in New York to receive his Cy Young Award and to promote his new book.  Kershaw invited his pitching coach Rick Honeycutt to the dinner and for good reason.  Honeycutt has helped Kershaw develop the slider to complement his other pitches. Its the slider that has made him so hard to hit this year. 

LA Times Blog
Two of the biggest names on the list of potential Dodger owners are joining forces. 

Despite down years for both players, Eithier and Loney will get raises as they each sign one year contracts to stay with the Dodgers. 

Mike Ozanian, Forbes
To keep the television rights, Rupert Murdoch has entered into the long list of bidders for the Dodgers. All Dodger fans cringe at the thought that Fox might own part of the Dodgers again.  

David Schoenfield, ESPN
ESPN's East coast bias rears its ugly head in an article about the five best position players from each era from the 1970's until currently.  Southern California should be upset that Steve Garvey and Tony Gwynn are nowhere to be found in the article. 

Wes Williams, Dodger Blue Bloods
It has been 24 years since the Dodgers won the World Series.  Can 2012 be the year they snap that streak?  Don't laugh until you look at the numbers. 

Jill Painter, LA Daily News
Frank McCourt bought the Dodgers and had no competition in 2004.  Everybody knew it was a mistake, yet nobody stepped up to the plate as an alternative.  Now there are over a dozen interested parties. 

Wes Williams, Dodger Blue Bloods
While the on the field product needs improvement, so does the iconic Dodger Stadium. 

C. Trent Rosecrans
Rosecrans makes an argument that Upton is better than Kemp.  He is crazy. 

Prince Fielder is not in the Dodgers Plans for now. 
CBS Sports
The Dodgers payroll is at an all time low and the team is being sold, but with the market for Fielder not good, could the Dodgers make a late run?  

Ken Gurnick,
The Los Angeles Sports Council will award the Dodger pitcher their Sportsman of the Year Award on March 15. 

LA Times
How many more names will be added to the list of bidders?  Alan Casden lost out to McCourt the first time around, so how good of an owner would he be? 

Billionaire Tom Barrack threw his hat into the ring as a possible future owner of the Dodgers.  

Steve Dilbeck, LA Times
Now that the second road block is out of the way, the sale of the team should move fairly quickly. 

Steve Dilbeck
If Scott Boras brings down his demands for a 10 year 250 million dollar deal, the Dodgers could get into the race for Fielder by back loading his contract.  

Fox Sports West
Ruby De La Rosa says his arm feels twice as strong as it did last year.  

Ramona Shelburne, ESPN LA
Ned Colletti says he is done spending this offseason.  Don Mattingly says the Dodgers still need a bat. 

Dodger Winter Development Camp Opens
Many of the top Dodger minor leaguers are in LA to learn about the city and how to play baseball the Dodger way.  

Bill Shaikin, LA Times
Disney and the Dodgers? 

Huffington Post
Ten possible owners are shown in this slideshow, but more seem to surface everyday. 

Dodger Blue Bloods Articles

Wes Williams, Dodger Blue Bloods
There are a lot of people advocating for the Dodgers to get into the Prince Fielder sweepstakes. But I don't think it is a good idea.

It has been 24 years since the Dodgers won the World Series.  Can 2012 be the year they snap that streak?  Don't laugh until you look at the numbers. 

Wes Williams, Dodger Blue Bloods

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1. Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, and Mark Walter
2. Peter O'Malley
3. Joe Torre and Rick Caruso
4. Steven Cohen
5. Disney and Stanley Gold
6. Stan Kronke
7. Josh Marciello
8. Fox
9. Time Warner

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