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Welcome to DKU Semiconductor Device Processing Lab!



                   Photograph of bent flexible PI substrate on which                            SEM image of Au nanonetworks between 2 Ti/Au pads.

                                Au nanonetworks were coated.                                                 


          Microscope images of a-plane ZnO/p-GaN heterojunction LEDs.                       Current-voltage characteristics and structure of 
                                                                                                                                      a-plane ZnO/p-GaN heterojunction LED.       


   Top view imagfe of AlGaN/GaN HEMT hydrogen gas sensor                        The on-off electrical responses with time
                              with Pt Schottky contact.                                                when exposed to different hydrogen flow rate.

                     sem image of zinc oxide nanorod                                     sem image of lanthanum oxide nanowire            

Research Interests


1. Gas Sensors

- Highly sensitive  nonpolar and semi-polar GaN hydrogen sensors using photo-chemical etching was developed.

- Hydrothermally grown a-plane ZnO hydrogen sensor was demonstrated.

- AlGaN/GaN HEMT based hydrogen sensors using Pt nano-networks with large surface to volume ratio were developed.

- Dependence of crystal plane and polarity in GaN on hydrogen sensing was investigated.


2. Light Emitting Diodes

- Nonpolar a-plane n-type ZnO (grown by facile solution method) / p-GaN hybrid LED was realized.

- Organic LED with improved cryogenic LiF/Al electrode was developed.

- Self-annealing process of neutron irradiated InGaN/GaN LEDs was investigated.


3. GaN based RF and Power Devices

- Degradation mechanisms of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) were elucidated.

- Effects of neutron and proton irradiation on GaN based HEMTs were investigated.

- Enhancement mode GaN metal oxide semiconductor (MOSFET) using Si diffusion was developed.

4. InGaAs based Photodetectors

- Optimal design of InGaAs based metal semiconductor metal (MSM) photodector was established.

- Effect of transparent ITO electrode on MSM photodetector was investigated.

                                         Jun. 2018                        August. 2017 (Gainesville, Florida)     July. 2017 (University of Florida) 

                            May. 2017 (New Orleans)                               Dec. 2016                                                      Jun. 2016     

                                      Dec. 2015                                          Jun. 2014                                    Jan. 2014





Semiconductor Device Processing Laboratory

Room #224 Engineering Building #3

Office: 82-31-8005-3577

126, Jukjeon-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do, 448-701, Korea