"A" Company, 1st Battalion

The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

Prospect Garrison, Devonshire Bermuda: 1954 - 1957.

(HEADER PHOTO ABOVE) "A" Company 1DCLI, Prospect Garrison Devonshire, Bermuda, September 1954, (Inset L) C.O. Major A.J. Marsh, DSO, (SAS), seated in second row, 9th from rhs, probably at the time of taking over from Major GTG Williams to his right. (Inset R) CSM "Jock" Massie seated 7th from lhs 2nd row.

Garrison Commander: Brigadier J.A.M. Rice-Evans (RIP)

Officer Commanding: Major G.T.G. Williams 1954:

Officer Commanding: Major A.J. Marsh DSO. (SAS). 1954-1957 (RIP)

4 Rifle Platoons (1,2,3,4,), HQ Platoon, Garrison Admin Support

A selection of photos from Derek Lovemore. (Cpl) 22935157 1DCLI "A" Coy, 3, 4 Platoons, ('53 - '55). (Glosters TA '56-'58). Left UK in 1959 for NZ, 1962 to Malaya & Singapore. Married Audrey in KL in 1962. To Australia in 1967 for 41 years, now Brisbane. 2 adult children, 4 grand kids. Long retired and telling lies about big fish.

Many items of interest, photographs and current Bermuda affairs are depicted on the bermuda-online website courtesy of the Webmaster Keith Forbes. Those of us with lifelong memories of Bermuda will be fascinated by the wide and varied information shown here, particularly the history of the British Army from 1776 to 1977 including "A" Company 1DCLI. Click the bolded links to view.

(Below) "A" Company 1DCLI, 1st March 1954, marching at 140 in Front Street, Hamilton Bermuda, heading towards Prospect Barracks, Devonshire after disembarkation from the Empire Clyde. RSM Harold Royffe (see cropped enlargement) giving the salute to H.E. The Governor (out of view) - the only photo of the RSM to be found to date. Click to open in a separate page.

Thanks to Neil 'Swanny' Swanson (Oct 2008) for this recently discovered historical photograph


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The photo collection is not in strict date sequence.

Thank You to the following Contributors !! - Barry (Corny) Cornish (Hotlink to Memoirs), Bill Eaton, Vernon (Bill) Edwards, John J Goddard "HQ" Company Jamaica (Hotlink to Memoirs Sub Page), Johnny (Griff) Griffin, Jim Kelly, Derek Lawrence, Derek Lovemore, (Hotlinked to 2007 Memoirs), Keith Mannings, Alan Mitchell, Reg Mitchell, Fraser Pakes (Hotlink to Memoirs), Reg Pearce, (Dean Richmond), son of Bill Richmond RIP, Tom Strike, Neil (Swanny) Swanson (Hotlink to 1DCLI Memorabilia), John Tenniswood (Hotlink to JT Memoirs), Peter Trethake, Trevor Webb, Mike Woolley,


Personal Memoirs of 1DCLI'ians for browsing here - add yours too!

The Detachment was made up of 4 Rifle Platoons, HQ Platoon & Garrison Admin. "A" Company disembarked from the Empire Clyde (live link) on 1st March 1954. 1DCLI was the last full Regiment of the British Army to be posted to Bermuda and the Caribbean on a full term 3 year basis. The following photos are selected from the Editor's collection and progressively, contributions from many other "Old Bermudian DCLI'ians"; all taken while serving in "A" Company during the detachment. The Company regularly performed ceremonial duties {Special Guardsmen are (L) Editor, (R) Dutch Hoon} and prided itself on high precision marching and rifle drill. Light Infantry drilling was a daily routine except Sundays, with extra drill duties for the Special Guardsmen.

The C.O. seized every opportunity to make our presence known; at Special Guards mounted at The House of Representatives, Front St Hamilton, Honour Guards, Retreats, Church Parades and a 24/7 Quarter Guard mounted at the prominent Prospect Barracks Guard Room - with the "Brig's stick" being awarded to the smartest man, who stood only 8 hours runner duties. Frequent training detachments to the 1,000 yds. rifle ranges at Warwick Camp in Warwick Parish, close to Horseshoe Bay and amidst the land crabs, were scheduled for live firing all the Light Infantry weaponry including the M20 3.5" rocket launcher, 2" mortars, Energa rifle grenades, Mills grenades, .303 Mk 1V Enfield rifles, .9mm Sten guns, and the 9mm British Sterling later, .45 calibre revolvers and standard issue Bren guns. The Belgian FN rifles were only just being issued to the British Army in UK at this time and hadn't reached 1DCLI in 1955. Editor's rifle number was BI111963 (howzat for memory?).

View the Tribute to Colonel G.T.G. Williams published by his son Brigadier Gage Williams.

"We do not merit glory until we know the value of time" (Marquis de Vauvenargues)


(Below) The doctored "One and All" magazine print - (forwarded by Swanny Swanson) has been uploaded here from 1DCLI Supplementary Photos where it has been on display for some months. It is a fitting adjunct to the "A" Company arriving in Hamilton & "RSM Harold Royffe" reference photo above - again being an historical record of 1DCLI arriving in Bermuda.

2 more from Swanny that you'll recognise above: Guardroom Prospect & 3 Platoon billet


Fraser Pakes, 1DCLI "A" Company Clerk, 1956-1957 (courtesy 2 photos above) served at Prospect Garrison until the last detachment of the Regiment in Bermuda returned to Blighty on board the TSS Captain Cook - "Up the Clyde" - and has a bunch of interesting Bermuda Tattoo photos that are published on his personal Memoirs site. Above left, our CO, Major AJ Marsh. DSO. 1956. RIP. who remained in Bermuda to become the C.O. of The Bermuda Regiment. His grave is in Devonshire Parish Church.



(Above) His Excellency Sir Alexander Hood, The Governor of Bermuda circa summer 1954 accompanied by Brigadier JAM Rice-Evans, Prospect Garrison Commander, taking the salute at a church parade march past. "A" Company Officer unidentified, but is before Major AJ Marsh DSO, (SAS) took over, John Tenniswood and others suggest Major FHY Gibson. Any further help with the identity of the Major leading the Parade will be appreciated.

(Above) Photograph supplied (March 2007) by Reg Pearce showing "A" Company early 1954 on Parade being inspected by H.E. The Governor of Bermuda (Lt. General Sir Alexander Hood - commissioned RAMC) accompanied by Major GTG Williams. Sgnt Charlie Seaborne prominent in front rank next to Dutch Hoon, with John Warrilow left marker in centre rank. Editor (looking rather corpulent before BD tailoring) extreme right in rear rank. Reg Pearce is (I think) second in centre rank. Occasion unknown. Reg to ID himself in due course. I'm betting that 2Lt George Kent is centre towards rear.





4.) RANDOM CELL PHONE PHOTOSHOOT/2007 -Suggest sound off!



(Left) Photograph courtesy of Trevor Hosking 1DCLI Band - taken from the British Light Infantry website, that contains a more detailed DCLI Band collection published by Trevor. The Editor has also been contacted recently by Reg Mitchell, DCLI Bandsman, who's photos are also published on this site. We welcome additional contributions from DCLI Bandsmen who served in Bermuda during their Caribbean posting.

(Above) 3 Platoon - Front row from lhs: Dave Beck, L/Cpl Phil Taylor, L/Cpl Graham Bradshaw, Cpl Dave Besley, Lt Francis Drake (RIP), Sgt Charlie Seaborne, Cpl Joe Knight, L/Cpl Don Puckey, Maurice White, ? Ahern, Unknown. Centre row from lhs: Terry Simons, Unknown, L/Cpl Bill Edwards, Unknown, Derek Lovemore, Ted Davis (RIP), Dick Hill (RIP), Mac McGough, ? Lacey, Unknown x 2, Ken Saunders. Back row from lhs: Roy Westbrook, Ivor Barrett RIP, Unknown x 4, John Griffin, Unknown, then Neil Swanson. Photo was probably taken September 1954 after a summer in KD. This is the original 3 Platoon - taken adjacent to the 3 Platoon billet, circa winter 1954.

John Cheeseman, Don Puckey, Editor Phil Taylor, Bill Edwards, Editor Gordon Humphries & Editor

(Above left) Editor as Quarter Guard Commander mounting the new Quarter Guard, Prospect Barracks circa 1955 "Two tennis nets, one flag and three fire extinguishers under close arrest. Sir!!" (Above right) Closeup of Church Parade Hamilton, Bermuda circa 1954, led by CO Major FHY Gibson (?) and CSM Jock Massie. Dutch Hoon front rhs striding forth, with Editor over his right shoulder, second file. Ken Saunders 4th behind Jock Massie.

Warwick Camp on manoevers. Spoils of War!! - stolen water melons & weapons cleaning: Derek Lovemore, Don Puckey, Phil Taylor, Bill Edwards, Graham Bradshaw. Right: Editor, L/Cpl Terry Nichols RIP, (?) Williams '07 (?) Confirmation ID's needed here - Help me out please!!

(Above left: Dave Beck, Editor, Spot (dog in centre!) (Above right: Special Guard House of Representatives circa 1954)

(Above) Special Guard under initial training by C/Sgt Bert Love, circa late 1954, as BD being worn. Some scratchings must have occurred from this early selection as not everyone went forward to mount the once weekly Special Guard at the House of Representatives, Front Street, Hamilton. The Guard was mounted in pairs for 30 minutes over a 2 hour period. Can't remember if it continued throughout the Company posting. Just recently advised by Reg Mitchell (DCLI Bandsman) that C/Sgt Love lives in Shrewsbury - here's hoping for some current information about Bert, it would be fantastic to get his contribution to our site.

Bill Edwards, John Griffin & Editor Roy Westbrook, Don Puckey & DL Mick Turnbull, Dutch H, (RN?) ,Editor on Horseshoe Beach sharing rum Verandah 3 Platoon Billet Early party days in Bermuda

In those early days of 1954 while the lads of "A" Company 1DCLI were finding their way around Hamilton town and quickly making friendships with both local Bermudians and other British Services personnel, a number of us teamed up with Navy Mates from HMS Superb or "Super B" as they named her. We had many 'runs ashore' and frequent trips to Elbow Beach from memory, but none of those friendships have registered in the memory banks. Anyone able to fill in the blanks with names and events? Some of the Navy lads were Bandsmen.

Aerial photograh of HMS Superb courtesy of http://www.cyber-heritage.co.uk/

(Above) Afternoon view looking Nth from the Prospect Barracks Guard Room: 3 Platoon Block rhs, 4 Platoon Block lower behind. Barracks Square middleground (the rough surface that was squarebashing hell)!.

Just in (March 2008) from Swanny via Barry Cornish: Above left, Johnny Griffin, Ted Davis RIP, Ivor Barrett RIP and crewcut Swanny scrubbing up kit for the new (improved) green wax blanco! Above centre, John & Rose Warrilow, Prospect MQ circa 1954. Above right Ivor Barrett on Albert's horse - 3 Platoon billet behind.


2 photographs below contributed in April 2007 by Keith Mannings (4 Platoon) taken during his visit to Prospect Garrison in 1987. Keith is in Bermuda about now (April 2007). Seems to Editor that the billet shot is of 2 Platoon Block where the Cookhouse was on the ground level - now demolished. Guard Room is still standing - if the grass ain't overgrown it! Cycle Shed!!! - can you recall how much (literal) bullshit went into that building by the janker wallahs? And an A/C!! Can still be seen on Google Earth.


Above left: DCLI Band Main St Hamilton Bermuda circa 1954. Above right: Band Practice Prospect Garrison Bermuda circa 1954 looking north from edge of parade ground. Band Quarters in background. Both photographs above attributed to Trevor Hosking taken from http://www.scli.co.uk/pages/hosking_pictures.htm

(Above left:) Carey 'Dutch' Hoon on left & Derek Lovemore Editor, give salute while on Special Guard at The House of Representatives, Front St, Hamilton. circa 1954) (Above right:) On manoevers at Warwick Rifle Range circa 1954, camped out among the land crabs, from top left - Vernon "Bill" Edwards, (?), Tony Willis, middle from left is Roy Westbrook, Neil "Swanny" Swanson, Derek Lovemore, front row from left is Dave Beck, "Delabole" Dick Hill RIP, Ted Davis RIP.

Above left: On the upper decks of the Empire Clyde in the North Atlantic February 1954: Dutch Hoon, Mick Turnbull and Editor giving Paddy Feeney (or is it Swanny?) the Deep Six and (centre) Dutch giving 2 of us a big lift! We were all evidently feeling a LITTLE better at this stage of the trip - between chunders - didn't last long! (Picture right) Bill Eaton (left rear) with mates (ID needed cheps) and young 8 years old Gage Williams in good company.

History of the HMT Empire Clyde: As "The CAMERONIA" she was built in 1919 by Wm Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow for the Anchor Line of Glasgow. She was a 16,365 gross ton ship, length 552.4ft x beam 70.4ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 16 knots. There was accommodation for 265-1st, 370-2nd and 1,100-3rd class passengers. Launched on 23/12/1919, the installation of the final parts of her passenger accommodation were delayed due to a strike and she had to be towed to Cherbourg for completion. She commenced her maiden voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool and New York on 11/5/1921 and between 1921 - 1924 she made several similar Cunard-Anchor Line voyages. In October 1925 she rescued the crew of the burning US Coastguard cutter "CG 128" off New York and in November of the same year collided with the Norwegian steamer HAUK in the Clyde. In Jan.1926, one voyage had to be abandoned off Ireland due to steering gear failure and she was forced to put back to Glasgow for repair. In August of that year she missed collision with the Cunard liner SAMARIA by only six feet in dense fog. She was refurbished in 1929 to carry 290-cabin, 431-tourist and 698-3rd class passengers. In December 1932 the ship suffered an influenza epidemic and 400 passengers were confined to their beds. It is reported that the ship's doctor made 500 visits a day to his patients. Between Dec.1934 and Oct.1935 the ship was laid up at Glasgow, and from then until April 1936 was used as a troopship to the Far East carrying a total of over 16,000 personnel. In 1936 she was refitted again and on 10/7/1936 resumed the Glasgow - New York service. In 1937 she attended the Spithead Naval Review for the coronation of King George VI and on Sept. 5th 1939 left Glasgow and became the first British ship to enter New York after the outbreak of war. She made 11 unescorted transatlantic voyages until she was requisitioned as a troopship in Dec.1940. In Jan.1941 she trooped 3,000 men to Suez via the Cape and then shuttled between Alexandria and Greece, mainly with New Zealanders. In 1942 she took part in the training and run up to the North African landings (Operation Torch) and in Nov. took part in the landings. She was hit by an aerial torpedo in Dec.1942 with the loss of 17 lives, but reached Bone, Algeria. She returned to Gibraltar for repair and thence to the Clyde. In June 1943 she resumed service and participated in carrying the Canadian Tank Division from Malta to Sicily and in June 1944 was the largest troopship to take part in the Normandy landings. In Aug.1945 she was derequisitioned after carrying a total of 163,789 troops over a total distance of 321,323 miles. Laid up as 'worn out' at 25 years of age, she was brought out of retirement in July 1948 and refitted by Barclay Curle at Elderslie for use as an Australian emigration ship, with capacity for 1,266 passengers. On 1/11/1948 she commenced the first of 11 UK-Australia voyages. On 21/1/1953 she was sold to the Ministry of Transport and renamed EMPIRE CLYDE and in March 1958 was scrapped at Newport, Mon. Our appreciation to Chris White - for this update published 11th November 2007.

GO TO: Our latest Blog Page and related Google Photo pages entitled HMTroopships to read memoirs and stories from former Servicemen (and maybe Servicewomen) who shipped around the globe on troopships at various times.

Troopship Memoirs

(Above left) Senior "Special Guardsmen" above: Left to Right, Williams '07, Derek Lovemore, Dutch Hoon, (?), at House of Representatives, circa winter 1954: (Above right) Dance party at the Gym circa 1954, Sgnt. John Tenniswood lhs in dress whites, Sgnt. Charlie Seaborne in No 1's at right rear. Medic Sgnt. Barry Nichols RAMC with horn rimmed specs and various beautiful ladies - some Canadian nurses. Typical Sergeants - hogging the good looking women!! John Tenniswood also arranged all the movies and as Garrison Pay Sergeant paid us of course. John is a regular correspondent to the "A" Company Blog.

(Above) 3 Platoon, "A" Company 1DCLI, Prospect Garrison, Devonshire, Bermuda. Circa June 1955 (KD dress). Centre row from lhs L/Cpl Graham Bradshaw, Cpl Don Puckey, Cpl Derek Lovemore, 2Lt Corringham?, Sgt Charlie Seaborne, Cpl Phil Taylor, L/Cpl Bill Edwards, L/Cpl John Warrilow. Front Row from lhs unknown, unknown, Dove, Hunt, Hedges, Ivor Barrett, Terry Simons, Dave Beck. Rear Row from lhs 5 bodies unknown, then Dick Hill, unknown, Derek Lawrence, skip 3 bodies, then Maurice White, Gifford, skip 2 bodies, then Roy Westbrook, then 1 unknown. Need some more ID help with all the rest. (Thanks Derek Lawrence for ID'ing some of the lads). Tempus Fugit cheps! - GOYA!!

(Above) 4 Platoon "A" Company 1DCLI, Prospect Garrison, Devonshire, Bermuda. Taken on the vacant land adjacent to 3 Platoon billet on the higher edge of the parade square. Circa July 1955 (Summer KD gear). Most of the lads would have been from a later Intake than Nov 1953 (Editor), so the majority would have seen more of the remainder of the DCLI posting at Bermuda. Names updated June 2008 courtesy Keith Mannings. Rear row R to L - Vercoe, Nobes, John Warne, Newell, Reynolds, Steve Carne, Lloyd Ellery, Dave Weston, Donaldson, Trevor Patterson, Jack Galley, Hobbs, Les Meagor. Centre row L to R - Fred Matthews, Dumon, Derek Lovemore, Fred Thomas (Sgnt) RIP, 2Lt Jeremy Hogben, Gordon Humphries, Don Ford, Charlie Bennett. Front row L to R - Gerry Thomas, Rosevear, Barry bennetts, Fred Murt, Duncan Heard, Keith Mannings, Pond, Geoff Angove, Jim Kelly, Peter Rule. "Ye Olde Drill Shed" in rhs rear background. More contributions also from Jim Kelly (below).

(Above left): Sgnt "Thommo" Fred Thomas (RIP) & Mrs Thomas, circa 1954, (Above centre): 4 Platoon lads (Jim Kelly front lhs), (Above right) Jim Kelly writing home for more food parcels. (Below right - heavy work deserves a break!) - from lhs Jim Kelly, Freddy Matthews, Johnny Cheeseman and Charlie Bennetts. Hope that Johnny Cheeseman gets to see this, Editor Derek Lovemore hoping to make contact. Sadly Fred Thomas has passed away this April 2007, but many of the Bermuda DCLI lads had been in regular contact. Our condolences to his family.

(Above and below) More photos from Jim Kelly (above right): Need some help here Jim for accurate captioning!! (Centre: Peppercorn Ceremony at St Georges 1956) see Keith Mannings contributions below.

(Above left) Flatt's Bridge and (Centre) Jims's 1955 shot of Flatt's Inlet - (Right) Jim Kelly ever ready to repel the enemy!.

(Above) Probably 1 Platoon, "A" Company, Prospect Garrison, circa 1955. Heavily retouched & restored photo retrieved from Vernon (Bill) Edwards in Canada. Bill Edwards is 2nd from left front row next to Sgt "Tug" Wilson (ex KOYLI). Major AJ Marsh C.O centre, then Lt Tim Hodder. All other names lost to recall. The original Intake 16 of Nov 1953, was separated from 3 Platoon in 1955 as the original 1953 Intake lads were made up in rank and distributed among the other rifle platoons. The remainder of the platoon OR's shown would be a later Intake than Nov 1953. Get your thinking caps on lads for some names.

(Above) Heavily doctored poor original photo of an Honour Guard at the Present Arms to a visiting US Navy Vice Admiral at Prospect Garrison circa summer (KD dress) 1954. The Major leading "A" Company in the salute is Major G.T.G Williams - before Major J.A. Marsh DSO, (SAS), took over. Brigadier J.A.M. Rice-Evans with back to camera. Prospect Garrison Officers Mess in background. 3 Buglers from the 1DCLI Band in the middle background.

Attempted heavy doctoring on this poor (sepia) original taken at the identical time as the previous photograph (above) - without any great success. Editor has cropped out most of the indecipherable figures of "A" Company, leaving part of the Front Rank with some possible ID opportunity. Circa is Summer 1954 (KD Dress) and CSM Jock Massie with Dutch Hoon next then Editor Derek Lovemore are foremost at view. McCgough (possibly) 2nd from end Rear Rank - others - well!! - over to viewers to advise please. At the later time of publishing this shot (10th Feb 2007) the news of this site and related sites is widening to attract many former 1DCLI soldiers - some of whom might be able to help the Editor fill in some gaps. Feel free to contact Editor with photos and memories - and ID's - of our Bermuda posting 1954 - 1957.

(Left) Photo sent in by Reg Pearce (at rear) together with the identical photo (right). The other 3 photos sent in by Barry (Corny) Cornish: (Above Group) shot HQ Platoon circa 1954): Front row from lhs - most names needed, except "Spot' the dog! Centre row from lhs, (?), Cpl Barry Cornish, Cpl Hank Meredith, Col. Sgnt. Latimer (Q'Master), Major AJ Marsh, (?),(?), Cpl Smudge Smith, (?), Rear row 3rd from rhs Archie Witsosky Lang, remainder to be ID'd. (Left) Cpl Barry Cornish (Corny). (Above right) One Tonner Drivers, Oct 1954. Smudge Smith, (Wesley ? maybe), Corny Cornish, Dudley Watts, (with I think) Cpl. Geoff Cherry's two children. Barry is pretty certain that Geoff Cherry took this. Many, many more Bermuda photographs and doctored Bermuda postcards and anecdotes are published separately on "Barry Cornish Memoirs" sub page - CLICK HERE. Barry's pages are very extensive and capture some memorable sights of Old Bermuda of the 1950's.

(Above left) Mixed bunch of junior NCO's circa 1954. Cpl "Robbo" Roberts is front row 2nd from rhs, L/Cpl Bill Eaton is 2nd and L/Cpl John Warrilow is 3rd in from right rear, Cpl Ken Young is front row 2nd from lhs. Joe Knight on Ken's lhs. Photo taken under 4 Platoon billet during a smoko break in morning drill. (Above right) Roy Westbrook, "Spot" the dog, the "A" Company adopted unofficial mascot, Editor on rhs. (Spot is the dog in the middle!!). (Below left) Pay Sgt John Tenniswood, 2nd from rhs with mates at Horseshoe Bay circa 1954, Sgt "Thommo" Thomas is lhs then C/Sgt Pedlar Palmer is 2nd from left; and (below right) is L/Cpl Graham Bradshaw, and Editor on L/Cpl John Warrilow's green mo'bike. Brad is practising the up close and comfortable grip for his fiancee when he gets discharged soon after this shot taken. Brad always spoke glowingly of his fiancee back in Bristol and missed her terribly. A truly romantic lad was Brad and married soon after his return home. Editor is likely to hear from Brad in Bristol real soon - so Griff tells me (Dec 2006).

Photos L to R immediately above sent in by Reg Mitchell, 1DCLI Bandsman, close friend of L/Cpl John Warrilow and wife Rose. Reg in full summer Band regalia on verandah of Band Quarters, Reg checking the gearbox on John's mo'cycle and John Warrilow and Rose at home, Prospect Married Quarters, all circa 1954. Reg and John both are now "Mentioned" on "Most Wanted" in an endeavour to make contact again after many years. Reg's shot below of 1DCLI Band playing out a tourist ship at All Buoy's Point, Hamilton Bermuda circa 1955.

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club tankard and silver ashtray given in appreciation to the Editor for services rendered (also Paybook & BOAC ticket to UK) during the 1954 Newport - Bermuda Ocean going Yacht Race. Purely by chance Editor had been placed on light duties following a mild infection from coral poisoning and was seconded by the C.O. for 10 days to the RBYC to provide support to the Signals & Communications Centre. The real challenge started when the race was over. Tough posting that!! Following the event, Richard Butterfield, the son of the RBYC President entertained the DCLI chosen 'elite' to experience offshore fishing trips in the Commodore's Yacht. As usual though the 'big 'un's' got away and we made do with only 60 pounders!!

Around June 1955 Major JA Marsh, CO, and CSM Jan Passmore delegated an unusual task to the Editor and one other unremembered DCLI rifleman. We were to pack a Bren gun and a case of ammo and await a very fast launch at Hamilton wharf to take us to the old commercial seaplane base at Darrells Island, then used as a film studio, where Forrest Tucker the US film star, was starring as Crunch Adams in the TV series "Crunch & Des". The 2 days spent at the old seaplane hanger (demolished in 1974) gave us a close encounter with the fledgling TV industry and the female bit players who craved attention from Forrest Tucker (and we DCLI blokes)! Our task was to provide background rapid fire from the bridge of a launch moored a few meters offshore. Some security risk that! - when you weigh it all up - with film crews and sound booms, and starlets in close proximity - and live ammo! But as DCLI Light Infantry men, we accomplished the job with total satisfaction to all. Little did we realise then that we were bit players in the burgeoning TV industry. Forrest Tucker continued his starring roles in many full length films, and as Sgt Morgan O'Rourke in "F" Troop TV series. He starred in a total of 39 episodes of "Crunch & Des".

Photo of Darrells Island Hanger and RMA Cavalier Seaplane courtesy of bermuda-online

(Above left) Ted Davis (RIP 1988), Johnny Griffin, Editor, outside 3 Platoon billet. (Above centre) Griff, Maurice White, Dick Hill under canvas enjoying a weeks local leave under canvas on Ports Island out in the Sound. (Above right) L/Cpl John Warrilow, L/Cpl Graham Bradshaw, L/Cpl Phil Taylor, Cpl Dick Lovemore enjoying a beer outside the Corporal's Mess at the NAAFI. John Warrilow was the character on the green mo'bike around Prospect when he travelled to and fro the Married Quarters - always joking with his dentures!

(Above Left) Griff's photo of himself, Editor, Roy Westbrook and Daisy, taken on return from the Swimming Hole. (Centre) The usual friendly Guard Commander "Don't tell me you're p***ed again Dutch?" (Right) Terry Simons and Editor writing home for more food parcels. Taken outside the 3 Platoon Store Room, on upper verandah. Editor was 3 Platoon weapons storeman for some time prior to shifting to 4 Platoon.

Bill Eaton has kindly forwarded this photo taken close to the Company Office at Prospect Barracks, circa 1954. Seems that "A" Company had more than one canine friend named Spot! Far distance is Band Block across the Square and 3 Platoon billet to the rhs. Thanks Bill. Plenty of room for more photos cheps - keep 'em coming.

Alan Mitchell has contributed the above 6 photographs: Top Left: Alan Mitchell and Sam Broad, outside the Prospect Guard Room under the watchful eye of the sentry. Above Centre: Peter Morris and Alan in front of the Guard Room again. Top Right: L to R (?), Alan, T Nichols, (?) at Horseshoe Beach probably. Lower right: Tug of War, L to R, (?) Williams '07, Sgnt Bert Love, P. Morris, (?), (?) Dutch Hoon, Alan Mitchell. Lower left: Sentry (?), Alan Mitchell, (?), (?), Terry Simons, (?), (?), again outside of the Guard Room. Must have been the entire Quarter Guard! Still captioning with Alan to check accuracy of names and ID's please. (Centre) L/Cpl Fred (Postie) Phillips posing at Horseshoe Beach (?) with L/Cpl T Nichols in background - before hitting a century no doubt! (England still needs cricketers!!)

Photograph and I.D.'s supplied by Peter Trethake (June 2007) for 2 Platoon above. Front Row L to R: Hoon, Tiley, Nicholls, Trethake, Morris, (Lt) Kent, (Sgnt) Carling, Mitchell, Eaton, Broad, Brewer. Centre Row L to R: Sleeman, Martin, Henwood, Shean, Quarterman, Rich, Hamblin, Toy, Perkins. Rear Row L to R: Turnbull, Feeney, Weirs, Oliver, Richmond, Williams, Repper, Nicholls, Bicknell, Oliver.

Above Left: Peter Trethake on a RN Frigate for the day. Above Centre is Lt George Kent, 2 Platoon Commander, and Top right is Donald Puckey and Bernard Lark on verandah of 2 Platoon billet circa 1954. Peter shown right at Prospect Barracks signage and Left as the Brig's Stickman on Quarter Guard. More photographs supplied by Peter Trethake are being processed to improve clarity and will appear here soon.



March 1st 1920 - November 15th 1984

Lt Col JA Marsh, DSO, OBE, (SAS, 1DCLI, The Bermuda Regiment), lies buried in the churchyard of Devonshire Church, Bermuda. (A photo of the plaque taken by Keith Mannings on 3rd May 2007 has been removed). The camera cannot lie in respect of what the lens sees, and Keith has observed "They whitewash everything". (Editor) Can't say that I'm too impressed by the evident lack of attention to the final resting place of our Commanding Officer and hope that I can encourage the Curator of Commonwealth Military Graves in Bermuda and the current C.O. of The Bermuda Regiment to pay the appropriate respects to this exemplary British Officer. Letters to both parties have been dispatched.

Comment logged in on 13th July 2007 from Editor:

Replies from both the foregoing Authorities have been promptly received and while the British Military Graves Curator has no remit in this respect, he has kindly referred the question to The Archdeacon of the Anglican Church in Bermuda. Of greater note is that the Adjutant of The Bermuda Regiment, Capt Chris Wheddon has today reported his inspection of our C.O.'s grave and has detailed his findings on the "A" Company Blog site. Immediate action is following his inspection and I feel confident that we can be assured that all of our misgivings and concerns will be attended to in a Regimental fashion. Many thanks to those 1DCLI soldiers who expressed their sentiments in this matter.

Further comment logged in 21st March 2008.

Well so much for regimental attention to detail: As of above date - there has been no response from Capt Chris Wheddon, or the current C.O of The Bermuda Regiment, or the Archdeacon. I have no further information to log regarding the condition of Major JA Marsh - so maybe some changes have been made - maybe not. Here's hoping!



Top centre: Church Parade to Devonshire Church February 1956, (supplied by Mrs Marsh in 1987 when Keith met up with her. Major Marsh taking Parade). Top left: View of NAAFI from 4 Platoon Billet verandah. Top right: Tattoo Dress 1956, Keith Mannings left, others unknown. Centre row above left: Paddy Patterson left and Cpl Peter Rule, 4 Platoon 1956, Centre row above, Royal Signals Display Team in the REME Depot below 4 Platoon Billet. Bermuda Tattoo 1956. Centre right above, Cpl Gordon Humphries in civvies looking forward to demob. Left, Tom Strike from Launceston with too many rums! Above right, Tom after Sgnt Thomas's cure - note the water!.

(Above) Peppercorn Ceremony at St Georges April 1956. A yearly event still held today (June 2007)

Below left: 3 Platoon Block lhs and 2 Platoon Block centre behind signage with Cookhouse in view to rhs. Below centre Keith Mannings left and Fred Murt from Padstow preparing to defend Bermuda against all enemies! Summer 1955. Below right Don Ford from Congresbury, who played rugger for the Garrison with Capt Carpenter, Major Marsh, Derek Lawrence, Peter Mitchell and a few others.

Below left: 4 Platoon 'smart chaps' left to right, Trevor Webb, Geoff Angove, Lloyd Ellery, Stevie Carne, Don Ford kneeling at front. Below centre is L/Cpl Les Meagor of 4 Platoon, a Cornish lad. Below right John Warne to lhs and Horatio Courtney Thatcher, NAAFI building rhs with rainwater tanks in background.

Below left: Keith Mannings at Flatts Inlet, Winter 1956. Below right: Party at St Georges, standing left to right Fred Matthews, Lloyd Ellery, Jack Galley, Seated left to right Kelly, Ford, Mannings Carne, Angove, Unknown, Pond, Weston. Below centre is 4 Platoon billet Xmas 1955, standing rear left to right is Charlie Bennetts, John Warne. Seated on table left to right Fred Murt, Johnny Cheeseman, Keith Mannings.

Below: View of the Square, the (structurally altered ? after 1955) Drill Hall and the Sergeants Mess to the rhs next to Band Quarters (out of view).

Above left: 4 Platoon lads on the water tank alongside Platoon 4 billet, left to right are John Pearn, Bill Donaldson, Trevor Patterson, Trevor Webb, Keith Mannings, Duncan Heard. Above centre, Tom Strike reflecting on more sober times! Above right L/Cpl Peter Hunt lhs and Pete Thatcher, marksmen, with spoils of Shooting Competition 1956.


23 photographs including 'the Warwick rifle butts' (far below at page end) supplied by Trevor Webb in Jan 2008, Above Right: L to R - Geoff Hayman, John Warne, Trevor Webb, Horatio Thatcher, Trevor Patterson. Above Left: L to R - Trevor Patterson, Geoff Hayman, Keith Mannings, Trevor Webb & Horatio Thatcher. Below left: Ports Island 1955, L to R - (?) Swanny, Aherne, Dave Besley, Gerald Thomas, Maurice White(?), Centre (May 1955): L to R - Jack Gallie, Horatio Thatcher, Trevor Patterson, Les Meagor, John Warne & Geoff Hayman. Right - looks like Tiddy Oggy?

Below Right: L to R Trevor Webb (Joiner) Geoff Angove (Shipwright) working on the boat that was used to take the lads to Ports Island to have break. Below left: Trevor Patterson & Jack Gallie

Above left: 'Albert's' horse, Above centre, St. Andrews Cathedral, Above right, L to R - Dudley Watts, Jack Gallie, Jerry Thomas, Barry Cornish. Below left - Ocean Monarch, Below centre - working on the chaaaain gang! Below right, marching girls, location unknown (ask Swanny!)

Below left: Trevor and Albert's horse. Centre, Albert with his cow, Below right, - Geoff Hayman with Albert's cow.

Below left: Dave Besley(?) and Aherne at Ports Island (?) bullshitting as usual! Centre below: Another Carnival shot. Below right, Trevor at Horse Shoe beach (?) arch now succumbed to nature.

Below left: Camouflage exercise with Jim Kelly outstanding! Centre: Sgnt Charlie Seaborne at Ports Island (maybe) - looks to me like Warwick Guard Room Trevor! Below right; Names unknown?


Left: Tom Strike showing that he can scrub up fairly well when photographed just outside 4 Platoon billet at Prospect in 1954 and Right: Tom spying out the talent at Horseshoe Beach. Tom lives in South Australia some 120 kms out of Adelaide on a country property and is recently in contact with Editor and Keith Mannings (July 2007). Tom will be browsing this website as soon as he connects up with Family in Adelaide shortly. Thanks Keith and Tom for your interest and getting us "Old Soldiers" talking of "The Good Old Days" in Bermuda.


The following 13 photographs have been kindly forwarded by Dean Richmond, son of Bill Richmond, RIP. Bill was in 2 Platoon and the keen observer will identify many faces that are shown in other photos on this site. In particular, the Editor can identify Dutch Hoon, Paddy Feeney, Mick Turnbull, Johnny Griffin, Dick Hill and Alan Mitchell. Bill was a smart soldier as his wearing of the Brig's satchel denotes while serving on Quarter Guard. In particular, there is an unusual shot of 'locals' taken on the water spillways leading down from the road to the underground storage tanks. Thank you Dean, it is a valuable contribution to our 1DCLI site and will give many happy recollections to those of us who served with your Dad.

Above left: Shot of Bill wearing the Brig's satchel, taken on the north side of 3 Platoon billet looking down on 4 Platoon billet, during a Quarter Guard. Centre shot is taken just adjacent to the square looking north east and above right is also adjacent to 3 Platoon block. Below left with Paddy Feeney, below centre believed to be Warwick Camp locale, and below right dressed for soccer.

Below left is Bill Richmond, below centre is at Ports Island 1955, with Johnny Griffin in the middle and Delabole Dick Hill RIP at right. Below right is probably on the ground floor of 2 Platoon billet (Mick Turnbull rear left).

Below left with locals on the rainwater spillways. Below right taken on 2 Platoon verandah.

Below right with 2 Platoon mates, Dutch Hoon at rear and (maybe) Alan Mitchell at right, entitled "What no beds?" Below right: Bill in a 2 Platoon verandah photo, mate unidentified.


Photos below from Mike Woolley after being scanned by Barry Cornish

Below left: Mike going 'bananas', Centre with Simon Marsh and the C.O's dog Sabre, Right, Hamilton Waterfront.

Below left: Bermuda Perfume Factory, Centre: Cathedral Rocks, Right: Among the Rocks,

Below left: Front St Hamilton, Centre: Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Right: Cyclemaster on South Shore Road,

Below left: Horseshoe Bay, Centre: Kindley Air Base, Right: Hamilton St Andrew's Cathedral

Below left: Mike Woolley off duty, Centre Mike, Archie Lang and Sabre, the C.O's dog, Right: Off duty again!

Below left: Government House, Centre: Shoreline view, right: Palms and Powerlines,

Below left: St Peters Church, St Georges, Centre: Taxi with a fringe, Right: Somerset Bridge,

Below left: Aquarium, Centre: the beach to myself! Right: An enjoyable swim at Horseshoe,

Below left: The Ocean Monarch, Centre: The War Memorial, Right: The Island Theatre,

Below right: Gibbs Hill, Centre: View from the top, Left: Vantage Point,


The Butts, Rifle Range, Warwick Camp - note the flag is up!! Remember doing Platoon and Section drills over these bloody sand dunes and Cpl Roberts using the pencil on the targets?

(Courtesy Trevor Webb Jan 2008)


EDITORIAL MEMO ADDED 21st October 2008

Photos and captions supplied by Fraser Pakes in early 2008, that were previously published here have been dismounted to avoid duplication with the entire Pakes' Collection - published separately in a new website.





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