The unexpected growth of the 1DCLI websites first published in 2006 has encouraged many Old 1DCLI'ians with Caribbean service to commit the fond memories of their youthful National Service, (and Regular soldiering days), to an individual Personal Memoirs website that expresses views and photographs of that era.

The editor has realised that the rapid growth of the "A" Company website (with the equivalent of over 36 x A4 pages) means that in some webserver cases, the site takes quite a while to load. It follows that in order to continue to encourage contributions from many Old Mates - some of whom are not internet connected - but are in contact with many who are - we invite you to develop your own individual Memoirs web page using editorial, anecdotes and .jpeg photos from scanned B/W shots or 35mm slides.

Simply contact the editor (hotlink) and email your thoughts and requests. Old faded, jaded and tattered photos can be restored like new. Mainly we have only "A" Company 1DCLI members making contributions, but that might change with time. We hope so. If you the reader wish to post comment or remark upon an individual Memoir or even better, add an ID of a face in a group photo, or again embellish comment on a particular event or ceremony then GO TO: 1DCLI PERSONAL MEMOIRS 1953 - 1957 BLOG PAGE and cast your remarks. Consider liaising with the editor to write your own. You might learn something about yourself!

Underlined titles below are hotlinked to a separate website and will open in another window.

If your're wondering about the Div Sign above and questioning why you've never seen it before - dinna worrie laddie! - the editor designed it specially in November 2007 for this website.

The Barry Cornish Memoirs Barry Cornish was the C.O's driver in Bermuda

The John J Goddard Memoirs John was a "B" Company Bugler in Jamaica

The Derek Lovemore Empire Clyde Memoirs Editor and "A" Company, 3 Platoon Bermuda

Derek & Audrey Lovemore Memories 2007 Editor in Brisbane Australia

Neil 'Swanny' Swanson Memorabilia Swanny is a de facto Memoirs writer on the 1DCLI Memorabilia website

The John Tenniswood Memoirs John was Prospect Garrison Pay Sergeant, Bermuda

Fraser Pakes Memoirs Fraser was Company Clerk 1956-1957

Other Memoirs sites that are non DCLI - but Light Infantry connected or another Service

The Bill Griffiths Memoirs 1KSLI from 1946. A real 'Old Soldier'

Bill Griffiths Long Service & Good Conduct? Shows how a LI memoir should look

The John Williams Memoirs. RAF traveller on HMT Troopships

GO TO: The British Army's Most Wanted to view the list of ALL related websites

Old Soldiers never die - they only fade away to write their Memoirs