Colour, Light and Vision workshop

The Colour, Light and Vision five-day workshop is an intensive program of illustrated lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises designed to guide you through the most important aspects of colour and light in painting. The theory component (about 50%) includes coverage of the Munsell System and its application to observing and mixing colour, artist's paints and pigments, principles of colour and light, and the essentials of colour vision science for painters. The practical component includes fast, accurate colour mixing using the framework of hue, value and chroma, mixing and applying shading series, and the use of the colour test or thumbnail to establish the colour framework of a painting. 

The workshop is offered four times a year at the Julian Ashton Art School. From time to time a similar course is offered privately at my studio in Clovelly, particularly tailored to current and former students of the National Art School and others with a similar background. This pdf course outline is broadly representative of the course at all venues.

For additional practical study students may repeat the workshop and work on a painting for the entire week, or may enrol for the term course Evening Painting and Drawing at the Julian Ashton Art School, or Oil Painting with Colour and Light and Drawing and Painting the Life Model at the National Art School.

Next workshops at the Julian Ashton Art School: 
  • Monday to Friday, December 17-21. 9.15 am - 3.30 pm daily. Limit: 10 students.
BOOK NOW online, or send in the "Holiday Enrolment Form" pdf  available here.

If attending a five-day workshop presents difficulties please consider my Tuesday evening course Understanding and Applying Colour at the National Art School, which covers very similar material.

Next workshops at Clovelly:
  • Limit of five students per workshop for these sessions.
  • Please inquire if interested in a session in late January/early February 2019; .
BOOK NOW by email  or phone me on  0416 737 559

Cost: $450 at either venue.

Class Links

Dimensions of Colour links:

Introduction to Munsell system:

Other links:

"What is Colour?" webpage and video

HV/C Standard Color Atlas 20 Hues Digest

Interactive Munsell exercise

Pigment Database. Click on a colour to got to pigment information listed by pigment code.

Compilation of out-of-copyright books on painting, colour etc., available for free download:

Akiyoshi Kitaoka's optical illusion site:

Sample pictures for copying in values or colour (12 images, 10 mb):

For more images try here (click on image, then right click on image on new page and select "original" size; save):

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