New News!

I've been adding various new things to this site, but I don't expect that people who have been here will want to search for it. So I thought it would be nice to announce some of the new stuff that's been added recently.

  • New sw release for the GKnet - now supports the new IOT.

  • The GK-Plus and GK-B5 now includes a mini-remote for accessing the menu. If you want to upgrade, please write to make arrangements.
  • Doris Day sings about Radiation and Geiger Counters!

  • Introducing the new GK-Plus kit. Functions of the GK-B5 + the Logging Shield + More - graphic display, bigger processor, etc.

  • The Kit to Internet - GKnet page tells you how to hook the Geiger Kit to Xively (aka  Cosm, aka Pachube) and

  • WiFi has been added to the remote monitor in the RadMon project. This updates Xively (aka  Cosm, aka Pachube) on the web. A color graphic display has also been added to the remote monitor. See RadMonPlus at the bottom of the Remote Monitoring page for current status of this work in progress.

  • A new option for mapping and graphing software - has been added. See Graphing to a PC.

  • Version 11.0 of the Geiger Kit software is released. Major improvements - optional setup menu to configure many new features. See the new Software Features page.

  • Version 5.3 of the PCB is now shipping. The main difference is that some of the jumpers on the top of the board have been made into solder jumpers on the bottom of the board.

  • A new version of the Logging Shield software - v10 is available. Also includes the new mini-remote. Note this product is being closed out.

  • New page on Making a Scint Probe - describes the current status of this project.

  • Added instructions on how to make Google Maps from Logging Shield logs on  the Logging Shield page. 
  • Kit flies to near space - see Kit flies 111,814 feet for details of the Anacapa Space Exploration Club's balloon project..

  • GM Tube Info page - A makeover of comparison chart. Some good links to various sources if information have been added. 

  • Remote Monitoring - This project is now complete. There is also a version of the project with a 2.4GHz transceiver. See this page.
  •  Gallery page will have some additions since you last saw it.