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Since these are unassembled kits, I can not accept returns on kits you started to build. On the GK-B5 all parts are through-hole however, some kits have a few surface mount components, In general, assembly requires good soldering skills. I do not recommend these kits for those not familiar with soldering PCB boards, or those who don't expect to read the assembly instructions. Please read the Overview for the kit you plan to purchase so you know what you should expect. 

Geiger Kit - GK-B5:
The current availability of the Geiger Kit is  - In Stock

GK-B5 - is the newest model of the classic Geiger Kit.

Add an LCD to the GK-B5:
(Provided as a service - please only buy displays along with a kit. Thanks)
The current availability of the displays is: White on Blue: In Stock / Black on Green: In Stock
The LCD works with the GK-B5 kit. Two 6 pin male headers are included. Two styles are provided:
The LCD with white characters on a blue background is perhaps nicer looking.
However, the LCD with black characters on a green background can be viewed with the backlight off which can save ~14mA of battery.

Geiger Shield Kits:  (described on the Logging Shield Kit page)
The current availability of the kits is  - In Stock

Note: The Logging Shield requires the GK-B5 Geiger Kit in order to function.
         If you will use a GPS you must be able to set this condition in the code and load the sketch to the chip with the Arduino IDE. 

There are 2 flavors of the Geiger Shield kit:
GS-A provides the PCB and all components (~36 pcs) needed to complete the kit. 
GS-B includes GS-A and also an ATmega328 pre-loaded with the Geiger Shield sketch. This will save you from having to use an FTDI cable to change the sketch on the Geiger Kit. You would just swap out the chip. If you are already familiar with uploading new sketches, you may want the GS-A (unless you want a spare uC) 
A metric or imperial software setting will be shipped depending on your location. Let me know if you want otherwise.

Geiger Kit Plus:  (described on the GK-Plus page)
The current availability of the kit is  - In Stock
The current availability of the display adapter is  - In Stock
This kit is not recommend for those who do not have experience in building electronic projects.

Pololu Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Reg: 
(Provided as a service - please only buy along with a kit. Thanks)
The current availability is: In Stock

This is the Step-up/Step-Down voltage regulator described in the Build Instructions for the GK-B5 and GK-Plus.
It takes an input voltage from 2.7-11.8 volts and outputs a fixed 5V with great efficiency. 
This gives you a lot of flexibility for a power source such as a LiPo for instance.
You may want to order this part directly from Pololu as they have other great stuff.
It's just carried here as a convenience. 

GKnet Kit: (described on the Kit to Internet - GK page)
The current availability of this kit is: n Stock
Introductory price!

To use the GKnet kit you must . . .
  • Be able to use the Arduino IDE to upload a sketch to the chip
  • Purchase a WIZnet W5100 or  ENC28J60 Ethernet Module
  • Have basic soldering and assembly skills

Recommended accessories: (I am not affiliated with these sellers financially. They're just good people I know.)

 If you're looking for some good ore samples for testing the Geiger Kit, I'd recommend checking out this site.   

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